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VR and Desktop Navigation

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  • VR Navigation

    This is where I will explain VR Navigation.

    Desktop Navigation

    Mouse controls:
    “Left click” interacts with ui buttons and control points.
    “Right click” rotates the monitor camera around your selected focus.
    “Middle Mouse” moves your monitor camera with your mouse movement Left, Right, up and down.

    Desktop Keyboard Shortcuts

    These are the default Keyboard commands included within VaM

    w = Move Camera View Forward
    s = Move Camera View Backward
    a = Move Camera View Left
    d = Move Camera View Right

    Shift+w = Move Camera View Forward Fast
    Shift+s = Move Camera View Backward Fast
    Shift+a = Move Camera View Left Fast
    Shift+d = Move Camera View Right Fast

    p = Play Mode
    e = Edit Mode

    h = Toggle Show Hidden Atoms
    t = Toggle_Targets
    c = Cycle Stack

    m = Toggle Main Monitor
    F1 = Toggle MonitorUI
    u = Toggle Monitor HUd Monitor

    n = Next Person Atom

    Tab = Toggle Free Move Mouse
    f =- Focus On Selected Controller
    Shit+f = Focus Move On Selected Controller
    r = Reset Focus Point

    Here are a few resources available on the hub to expand your desktop keyboard options.

    Keybindings by Acid Bubbles

    BlenderLikeOperation by PluginIdea

    ViewAlign by PluginIdea
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