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  • User Preferences Security Tab

    The security tab is where you give your consent to allow plugins to be active within VaM. By default all of these options are Off. You must opt in to before running any third party scripts or addons.

    “Please read the following information and warning regarding web-based content inside VaM.

    Hub: Enabling the Hub allows VaM to securely communicate with and the Content Delivery Network (CDN) that hosts images and downloads for the VaM Hub.

    General Web WARNING: Use caution when loading scenes created by others. THese users can embed any URL in the scene and VaM will attempt to load those URLs when the scene is loaded.

    Web Browser: VaM contains an embedded Chromium based web browser. Use it with the same level of caution you would use any web browser operating in private mode. This browser stores history, cache data and cookies in a local folder named BrowserProfile in your VaM install area if the Enable Browser Profile option below is checked.
    Disabling the Browser Profile option below removes this local data and prevents intersession storage of history, cache, and cookies. Web activity can be tracked by your router (if configured for that) or your web provider.

    Image/Audio: While safer then Web Browser, web usage could still be tracked by your router or web provider.“

    “By enabling any of these options, you are are acknowledging the above statements and warnings and accept responsibility of web-based usage."

    ”Enable Hub” Checking this option enables access to the VaM Hub. From the Start Up Screen or the
    “Hub Browse” Icon on the Base Ui.

    ”Enable Web Image/Audio” Enabling this allows links referencing images or audio from the internet to load in VaM.

    ”Enable Web Browsers” This option allows the WebBrowser, WebPanel and WebPanelEmissive atoms to access the internet.

    ”Enable Browser Profile” This option allows the Web Browsers to store history, cache data and cookies in a local folder named BrowserProfile inside your VaM install folder. Disabling this option will erase any stored information.

    ”Disable Popup Messages When Web Features Disabled” Enabling this option will stop error messages from appearing when VaM attempts to access the web. This option will not suppress plugin warnings if you have not opted into running plugins.

    “Plugins Disclaimer: By Enabling plugins, you are accepting the risk of loading 3rd-party software that may contain malicious or harmful code. The use of 3rd-party software (plugins) is done at your own discretion and risk and with agreement that you will be solely responsible for any damage to your computer system or loss of data that results from such activities. By enabling this feature you are accepting all risks and agreeing Mesh VR, LLC. is not liable for any damages or loss.”

    “I acknowledge above Plugins Disclaimer and enable plugins” enabling this option allows VaM to run Plugins that you have locally or have downloaded from the web.

    ”Reset All Settings to Default” Resets all settings in the User Preferences tab to default. This is a global reset, not just for this specific tab.
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