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  • User Preferences Navigation Tab

    This Tab is for VR navigation and has no effect when playing on Desktop.

    “Disable All Navigation” Locks the VR player in place. Disabling Teleporting, Grabbing and Free movement.

    “Disable Grab Navigation” Turns off the ability to Grab move with the VR controls.

    “Disable Teleport” Turns off VR teleportation.

    “Disable Teleport During Possess” Disables VR teleportation while you are possessing a Person Atom. This is “on” by Default.

    “Teleport Allow Rotation” Allows you to set the direction you will be facing when teleporting.

    “Grab Navigation Position Multiplier” Increases or Decreases how far you move yourself through the world when Grabbing in VR.

    “Grab Navigation Rotation Multiplier” Increases or Decreases the amount you Rotate yourself when Grabbing the world in VR

    “Free Navigation Multiplier” Increases or Decreases how quickly you move when using Free Move in VR.

    “Hologrid Transparency” Changes the alpha value of the VR playspace hologrid.

    The above image shows “Hologrid Transparency” set to .01, .2 and .4 respectively.

    “Show Navigation Hologrid” Toggles the hologrid on or off.

    ”Reset All Settings to Default” Resets all settings in the User Preferences back to default. This is a global reset, not just for this specific tab.
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