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    “Name Space” By default this will say “Person”. This will display the name of the currently selected Person Atom. You can rename it here as well.






    ”UV Set Used For this Skin:”
    Available UV Sets for VaM Person Atoms:

    Female UV Sets:
    UV: Base Female
    UV: Gia
    UV: Lilith 6
    UV: Mei Lin 6
    UV: Monique 6
    UV: Olympia
    UV: Stephanie 6
    UV: Victoria 5
    UV: Victoria 6

    Male UV Sets:
    UV: Base Male
    UV: Darius 6
    UV: Gianni 6
    UV: Lee 6
    UV: Michael 6
    UV: Scott 6

    Please check out the following spreadsheets for a breakdown of which skin provides which UV set.

    ”Mass Import From Directory…” This function allows you to quickly load a custom texture set onto your Person Atom. It will open a folder browser, browsing to your chosen folder and hitting “Select” will import all textures following the naming convention.

    Example texture sets can be found here:

    Place your textures here inside a uniquely named folder:

    Your textures should follow this naming convention to be correctly recognised and placed by the Mass Import function.
    Diffuse texture: faceD, torsoD, limbsD, and/or genitalsD
    Specular Texture: faceS, torsoS, limbsS, and/or genitalsS
    Gloss Texture: faceG, torsoG, limbsG, and/or genitalsG
    Normal Texture: faceN, torsoN, limbsN, and/or genitalsN

    ”Auto-Generate Gens Textures From Torso Textures”

    ”Include Spec/Gloss Normal”

    ”Dump Gens Textures To Root Folder”

    ”Auto Gens Diffuse Texture Lighten/Darken”

    ”Auto Gens Diffuse Texture Hue Adjust”

    ”Auto Gens Diffuse Texture Saturation Adj.(Adjust)”

    ”Regenerate Diffuse Gens Texture”
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