Person Skin Materials 2

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  • Skin Materials 2

    “Name Space” By default this will say “Person”. This will display the name of the currently selected Person Atom. You can rename it here as well.

    ”Specular Texture Offset” Offsets the intensity of the assigned Specular Texture or color. Usually it is at “0” giving it an even specular tone. + values will increase the brightness of the Specular. - values will darken the Specular bounce light.

    ”Specular Intensity” adjusts the intensity of the light reflecting off of the object. Usually it is at “1” meaning the intensity of the light bouncing off of the object matches the intensity of the light being cast. Setting the value to “0” means no light is bounced off the atom removing all highlights. Increasing the value above “0” will intensify the bounced light to a maximum of “10”.

    ”Gloss” Affects the softness of the light reflecting off of the object. From “2” to “8”. “2’ will soften the Gloss across the surface of the object. “8” will give a sharp highlight.

    ”Specular Fresnel” Will adjust the index of refraction across the surface of the object. Higher values will tighten the specular highlight, Lower values will broaden it across the entirety of the object's surface hit directly by the light source.

    ”Gloss Texture Offset” Affects the dark and light values of the assigned Gloss texture. Or if none is assigned it affects the intensity of the default values.

    ”Diffuse Texture Offset” Changes the intensity of the diffuse texture applied to the object. “0” has no offset applied. “0 to 1” increases the brightness of textures while “0 to -1” will darken the texture.

    ”Diffuse Bumpiness” Affects the intensity of an applied normal texture to the object. “0” will soften the normal flattening it out. While increasing it to “1” will deepen the effect making the normal texture appear more 3 dimensional.

    ”Specular Bumpiness” Affects the specular effect on the atom based on the values of the applied normal map. “0” will reduce the normal map's influence on the specular effect making the object appear softer and less shiny. Increasing it will do the opposite making the specular appear sharper and shinier.

    ”Global Illumination Filter” Changes how much global illumination affects the object's material. Global Illumination settings can be found in the Main Menu Scene lighting tab.

    The following options are used to copy/paste settings from one material to another.
    Three channels are available to save to and then restore from. Click on the number to save or restore the material.

    “Save To” Use this panel to save settings.

    ”Restore From” This panel will load the saved settings.

    ”Reset” This will reset all values back to default.
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