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    “Name Space” By default this will say “Person”. This will display the name of the currently selected Person Atom. You can rename it here as well.

    The Skin Select panel is VaM’s built in library of skins for the Person Atom. There are a total of forty four different skins to choose from: Twenty Seven Female Skins, and Seventeen Male skins. Twenty Six of which are sourced from Daz3D Studio, Ten Custom Female skins created by RenVR, 3 Custom Male Skins created by Jackaroo and five Futa skins created by WeebUVR. Selecting a Female or Male skin will automatically change your Person Atom to the appropriate sex.

    There are several UV texture options available that relate to the other skins available for the Daz3d Genesis 2 models.

    UV: Base Female
    UV: Gia
    UV: Lilith 6
    UV: Mei Lin 6
    UV: Monique 6
    UV: Olympia
    UV: Stephanie 6
    UV: Victoria 5
    UV: Victoria 6

    UV: Base Male
    UV: Darius 6
    UV: Gianni 6
    UV: Lee 6
    UV: Michael 6
    UV: Scott 6

    For a complete breakdown and origin information for the available skins please follow these links:
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