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I have started making VaM tutorials for YouTube. As we all know there are some great tutorials out there but sadly they are quite outdated. This is my attempt to update the information and have it easily accessible to everyone.

I've just gotten started, so there isn't a lot right now but I plan on releasing new videos as often as possible.

Link to entire playlist: Virt-a-Mate Tutorials

All tutorials with descriptions, thumbnails, and direct links:

Install and Setup
How to install and setup VaM for the first time.
Thumbnail: Natalie
Install and Setup
Load and Save ScenesHow to load and save scene files.
Thumbnail: Allie
Load and Save Scenes
VaM HubHow to use VaM Hub in-game to download and install content.
Thumbnail: Mandy
VaM Hub
Working with LooksHow to change the look of a model (person atom) in a scene.
Thumbnail, Model: Mandy
VaM Tutorial 004 small.jpg
Working with ClothingHow to change the clothes on a person atom in a scene.
Thumbnail, Model: MandyClothes by: HiJoker
VaM Tutorial 005 small.jpg
Working with Hair​
How to change the hair on a person atom in a scene.
Thumbnail, Model: MandyHair by: Roac
VaM Tutorial 006 small.jpg
Working with Assets​
How to add assets to a scene, including CustomUnityAssets (CUA).
Thumbnail, Model: MandyAssets: Sofa
VaM Tutorial 007 small.jpg
Posing a Person​
How to pose and pose presets in a scene.
Thumbnail, Model: MandyPose pack: Roac
VaM Tutorial 008 small.jpg
Using PluginsHow to add and configure plugins.
Thumbnail, Model: MandyPlugin: Life
VaM Tutorial 009 small.jpg
Skins and Decals​
How to change skin textures and decals.
VaM Tutorial 010 small.jpg

Any questions comments or suggestions are welcome here, on the official Discord, or on my personal Discord server.

If you would like to support the work I am doing, please subscribe on YouTube and/or visit my Patreon.
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Latest updates

  1. New Video - Skins and Decals

    Added video on skin textures and decals.
  2. New Video - Using Plugins

    Added video showing how to add a plugin to a person atom.
  3. New Video - Posing a Person

    Added video on pose presets and manual posing with nodes.

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Excellent videos, great help for newbie
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Easy and simple for the new people like me. Thank you very much!
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Great info to start out with!
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Probably the best or one of the best intros to VAM, super short, simple, and easy to understand
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I fully understand everything to say.
You are very easy to understand and comprehend.
Keep them coming :)
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These are really well organized and easy to understand. I'm now pointing new users to this resource as I think this is the best way for them to get started! Thank you!
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Havent tried it but anyone event trying to help gets a 5 star!
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Clear and basic info for the new VAM user. I wish I had these tutorials months ago.
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