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Plugins TriggerUI 2

This is a small, simple, plugin that allows you to open a Person atom's menus from a UIButton or other trigger.

How to use:
1.) Add as a plugin on a person atom.
2.) Add a UIButton (or other trigger) to your scene.
3.) Select your person atom as the receiver atom.
4.) Select this plugin as the receiver.
5.) Select which tab you want opened when the button is clicked.

NOTE: When clicking a button with these triggers it will force the user into edit mode since these menus cannot be used in play mode.


trigger settings.png

Screenshot (43) cropped.png

Any questions comments or suggestions are welcome here, on the official Discord, or on my personal Discord server.
If you would like to support the work I am doing, please subscribe on YouTube and/or visit my Patreon.

If you are a creator and use any of my plugins or looks in your content, I would love to see what you've made. Unfortunately I can't afford to subscribe to all the amazing creators in the community but would happily post reviews on scenes I am able to test out and see how my work is being used by others!
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Latest updates

  1. Added options for opening preset choosers directly.

    Added more triggers to allow opening preset chooser windows directly. All tab related triggers...

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You have come up with a very nice plugin. Thanks!
It is very easy to use and helps me to set up several people in my timeline.
I rate this 7500 fruits for record-speed plugin development (3 hours start to finish)
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