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XRAY shoot

Scenes XRAY shoot 3.25

Do a dependency scan. LogicBricks.14 doesn't seem to want to download in the first try when hitting "download all".
If the character is T-posing, LogicBricks haven't been downloaded.

  • Adjustable XRAY effect, with SFX and startup/shutdown sequence.
  • Camera screen.
  • Optionalviscera (incomplete, and feedback will have to decide if there's going to be more)
    • Stomach, guts, reproductive, bladder. All untextured and pleasantly cartoony.
  • Optional muscle systems from VL_13.
  • Hand picked expressions for the anthro look, that mix and match at random, along with; eye target, gaze target, eye saccades, breathing animation volume and speed. Custom breathing animation that goes in tandem with the ribcage.
  • A heart.

  1. Find the tablet and the red button.
  2. If saving the scene, go back to the start position and check the bottom box.
    1. This ensures all IKCUA enabled CUAs are in on state when saving. Saving in off state breaks their rigging.
    2. Will also zero the person and all CUAs to prevent degradation of coordinates over multiple saves.




It's about to get spooky.

Some words:
I've decided to release this rather than have yet another scene incomplete and never shared. I've played around with a lot of ideas to showcase my hacked together xray effect, but never found any one execution I was happy with. This has the DNA of 5 different ideas, and now it has a hover camera with feed just because I thought it was a really cool plugin.

Consider it more a toy than a complete experience.

  • This was a dirty way to do xray, and as such there's no hand/finger/feet/toe bones. V2 Thanks to VL_13's clothing-based skeleton, there's now fingers and toes! Clipping will still occur in some poses.
  • If you want to try the effect on a human, you'll find the appropriate asset for the head included. Transparency levels will have to be tweaked for best results. Do that through the XRAY slider on the table (such as adding transparency to ears), and everything should work.
  • Open to unpaid requests. Additional blendshapes etc.


Thanks to the VAM community for providing an ever growing set of possibilities through plugins and assets.
And especially thanks to OniEkohvius for porting over Vega that turned out to be a virtual muse.
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Latest updates

  1. Guts v3

    The big change: Guts redone. Shouldn't clip anymore when character is in a scrunched up pose...
  2. 3.0

    Lots of things were learned this week. So I'm moving up a full version number. Carried over all...
  3. Broken? Dependencies..

    So I just noticed the version I've been using of AnimationPoser isn't automatically downloaded...

Latest reviews

This was a really cool demo of your plugin, I plan to play around with it a lot more later.
The little bit that I did get to do was fun! After playing around with your character, I dropped in one of my own presets and started to tweak the settings to fit her and it still worked awesome.

Out of curiosity, would you be willing to package the skeleton CUA as a standalone?
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So Spooky ;)
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