A sandbox scene in an underground XRAY lab. VR recommended.​

Performance should be pretty decent since it's a single person scene. Generally only 2 pixel lights, with a maximum of 4.



  • Internal anatomy:​
    • Skeletal structure.​
    • Muscles (optional)
    • Organs (optional)
    • You choose your options at the entrance to the scene.​
  • Animated heart, lungs, ribcage, and stomach. Soft clothing guts.​
  • Adjustable effect for skin and muscle transparency.​
  • Individually toggleable organs.​
  • Thanks to @CheesyFX, you can now easily have dynamic fun with the character too with the provided toy.​
  • Easy access to over 400 poses thanks to @klphgz and @bill_prime. Choose from 4 categories/stances.​
  • Cool 360° camera view ports from @Griffo11709, that tracks set parts of the character thanks to @lynyrd2473. Move it along by slider, or grab the camera itself and find the perfect angle.​
  • 360° rotatable 3 point lighting rig.​
  • Room ambience and SFX to bring @VamTastic's environment alive.​
  • Character that shifts her gaze around depending on what you're looking at, and a few other reactions to touch.​
  • A slightly enhanced version (subjective of course) of my favorite anthro look; Vega from @OniEkohvius.​
    • Brought to life with various plugins.​


  • The big tablet is your main control of the scene.
    • You can move it around by grabbing the grey capsule.
    • XRAY sliders will appear once the XRAY machine has been turned on from the "XRAY Options" tab
    • Access poses, clothing, and gaze controls from the Person tab.
    • Change lighting setup from the Lights tab.
      • The lighting setup changes when the XRAY machine is turned on.
    • Watch a duplicate of the big screen on the tablet with the VIDEO tab.
  • Main screen
    • When Freeze is toggled on. You get access to the different set 360° paths in the top left corner of the screen.
    • Choosing one will automatically unfreeze and start rotating around the character.
    • Speed can be adjusted
    • In the top right corner, you can select which part of the character you want the camera to track
      • Face, chest, hips, none
    • When Free move is selected, the camera will park itself on one of the roller tables. You can now grab it and move it freely.
      • Remember to set tracking to "None", unless . .
  • For the toy. Push the physical button to the right of the terminal.
    • This unlocks a new menu on the tablet. A stimulation bar will appear over Vega's head.
    • Through the magic of BodyLanguage . .
      • You can place the toy in either hand of Vega, and she'll give it the attention it needs.
      • Chest is a good place to put it too.
      • Obvious other places work as well. (Disclaimer: Since Vega will open her mouth from the collision forces, I have no way of syncing the skull jaw with it.)
    • You can set "forces" to..
      • Reciever: Vega lets you do the action.
      • Giver: Vega takes control.
      • Both: Group effort.
      • Toggle them off altogether.

GIF 30-01-2024 15-55-35.gif


Compromises and known issues:
  • Since tube organs are now clothing items, they will not be properly connected.​
    • It's more acceptable now that most of the cavity is filled out with organs.​
  • Throat is slightly deformed, but will follow the model's inner mouth perfectly.​
  • Clipping​
    • The muscle layer is the most notorious for this, since it's so close to the skin.​
    • Mammary glands also have it tough due to the soft tissue they inhabit.​
    • Extreme poses (read; uncomfortable) will as always, pose a problem for this setup.​
  • Sometimes changing pose takes longer than the screen fade out lasts, causing floating organs and bones. I figure it'd be more annoying to have a long fadeout than the rare CUA sighting. (It seems crouching poses takes the longest to apply.)​
  • Organs looking flat/unshaded.​
    • This is due to no light passing through the skin, even when translucent. You need a pixel light source pretty close to penetrate.​
    • The floating light orb can be grabbed and moved, touching the rotation slider will put it back on it's "rail".​
    • The camera spotlight can also be turned on and moved in position to overcome this.​
  • Vega​
    • expressions are mixed at random. Eye and brow, combined with a mouth expression. Taken another step further with "subtile" expressions from BodyLanguage. You'll have to forgive her when she pulls a dopey face. It keeps it fresh at this cost.​
  • Clothing buttons​
    • They can be finicky. You might have to press them more than once.​
  • Tablet buttons​
    • Oddly finicky at times too. Can be hard to point at them unless you're at just the right angle. Will be experimenting with positioning to see if that helps.​

  • Thanks to the VAM community for providing an ever growing set of possibilities through plugins and assets.
  • Big thanks to @Stopper for their rewrapper and internal clothing plugins. This started with relying on rigid CUAs, now half the assets have been remade with their plugins.
  • @VL_13 for his skeleton and muscle assets.
  • AcidBubbles for the ever-important Timeline and Blendshapes.
  • OniEkohvius for porting over Vega that turned out to be a virtual muse, bypassing my uncanny valley sense.
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amazing work i hope to see this adapted to human body as a plugin to add to person that would be great !
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Pioneering work.
The anatomy is really incredible. Great scene too. I appreciate the inclusion of a control panel and camera for desktop usage. Looking forward to a human adaptation of this.
Thank you for the words about the anatomy. I was a total newb in Blender a year ago, so getting compliments my models is always appreciated.

I might consider a simplistic adaption with a human look. This was a personal scene where the first goal was creating the anatomy and XRAY lab, and the other was bringing the character to life. But I felt it was my duty to share it since there's nothing else like it currently on the hub.
As such there's as much work gone into the character as there is the XRAY stuff, that I don't fancy doing with a new look. But just adapting the XRAY parts to a human look wouldn't be as much work.
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Such a cool idea and great execution. Love it 👌
Thank you very much.
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I think your idea is awesome!
Thanks for your continued support!
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This was a really cool demo of your plugin, I plan to play around with it a lot more later.
The little bit that I did get to do was fun! After playing around with your character, I dropped in one of my own presets and started to tweak the settings to fit her and it still worked awesome.

Out of curiosity, would you be willing to package the skeleton CUA as a standalone?
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So Spooky ;)
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