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For the following stuff I had noted in 4.02:
  • Underwear clipping through the skirt. This keeps happening after numerous corrections.
    • Just gotta remember to apply the preset before saving I guess.
  • Forces on/off toggle switches reciever state instead.
  • Reciever state doesn't correctly switch all the different forces in some cases.
  • Screen fade too short.
    • Redone the SequenceMachine handling the fadeouts. Now they do actually fade instead of instantly blacking the screen, and with enough time for things to settle.
  • When the top is set to "expose both", the physics seem to go haywire after a while, at least in VR.
    • Dampers were set too low for 2nd profile.
  • Stomach idle animation doesn't automatically play.
  • Blink animation(?). Noticed the morph I made hadn't been automatically picked up by the package builder. So I'm assuming she wasn't blinking in the previous version for anyone but me.

  • Updated BodyLanguage to latest, v50
  • Forgot that I've been meaning to change Timeline to realtime instead of gametime. Important for VR.
Forgot to add the bulge morphs 😔

Fixed lack of bulge morphs.

What's new?

  • All organs have been gone over again.​
    • Bumpmaps added. (Thanks to 3dtexturesdotme.)​
    • Rewrapped guts. Changed esophagus to clothing.​
  • Spine has been made into a clothing item. By far the best it's ever been. No more weird pop-outs or IKCUA breaking.​
  • Animated lungs, stomach, heart.​
  • Liver added (1st and always worst iteration)​
  • Breast fat and glands added.​
  • Added @CheesyFX 's BodyLanguageplugin, making "interaction" possible.​
    • Automatic thrusting​
    • Dynamic stimulation increases breath speed and heart rate.​
    • Depth calculation on penetration means you can visibly rearrange her guts a bit with the added toy. (The now interactive blendshapes of the reproductive CUA is in 1st iteration)​
    • And also their ShakeIt plugin. Goes well with the muscle layer, though I have tuned the values down. So the effect will be subtle.​
  • (Nearly) All controls moved to a much improved tablet.​
    • Different menus can be switched between.​
    • Easy removal of clothing, different states (expose left or right breast etc.)​
    • Buttons for skipping through klphgz's poses without having to open menus. 4 categories of poses.​
    • All organs can be individually toggled on/off on the fly.​
    • Lighting controls. Rotate around the scene, control brightness of each light.​
    • ♥ menu. When you activate the toy, you get another menu for controlling a few parameters. As well as controlling BodyLanguage's forces feature.​
  • Added @everlaster 's Naturalis for breast physics. Scene worked fine without, but after fiddling with clothing profiles in it, I had to keep it in. (drops)
  • Added @AWWalker 's genital multipass. And @lfe 's ExtraAutoGenitals. Since this update has a focus on interaction.​
  • Much better ambience sounds.​
    • Remastered audio levels (mainly in VR, desktop levels never seem to match well even with MacGruber's plugin)​
    • Added some reverb too.​
  • Vega​
    • Added chest fluff hair item.​
    • Belly fur hair item (non-simmed).​
    • Eyebrows.​
    • Upgraded gens textures from the source model.​
    • Will look with interest at what you're looking at occassionally. Also herself.​
    • New outfit (all built-in).​
    • Tweaked expressions and added a few more now that her eyebrows amplified her expressiveness.​


I hate to put straight up vulgar stuff on the page, but I'm proud of this workaround that lets you peek in:
GIF 01-02-2024 13-49-21.gif
Hoping to find a way to smoothen the blendshapes/action in the future.​
The big change:
  • Guts redone. Shouldn't clip anymore when character is in a scrunched up pose. Taffy look is out, monkeybread look is in. Much happier with this one. Reads better.
Minor changes:
  • Changed colors of clothing. They got reset to default at some point.
  • Rib position retouched to prevent clipping.
  • Added some city ambience coming in from the window.
  • Added the blink morph manually. Seems it wasn't included automatically when packaging.
  • More fiddling with getting hub dependencies to play nice.
  • You guessed it. Dependencies.
  • Fixed autoblink being on.
  • dEpEndCIes.
    • please i just want to sleep
Lots of things were learned this week. So I'm moving up a full version number.
  • Carried over all transitions from AnimationPoser to Timeline instead. The randomization isn't as nice, but till there's a stable release of AP this'll have to do.
  • Redone guts as a clothing item. No longer rigid!
    • Excuse the slightly taffy look. I'll come back to refine it as I learn more Blender tricks. The majority of time was figuring out clothing creation and rewrap. It needs another rewrap to be perfect in every conceivable pose.
  • Refined some CUA models and fixed alignments.
    • I believe alignments will go out of center due to rounding up positions upon save. So the save toggle now takes care of positioning before saving.
  • Fixed rendering queue on clothes.
  • Camera automatically tracks the person. Thanks Lynyrd!
    • can be set to track: head, chest, hips.
    • 3 different paths: 360, 360 high, 360 low.
    • Fixed pause and scrubber. Despite extensive testing, this is still broken. The scrubber only works for the animation selected within the plugin.
      • v3.1 Should be fixed now. Just remember to select a path.
  • Tail now moves once in a while. 💪
  • Went over the pose presets. Adjusted chair for each sitting pose.
v3.11 Trying to sort dependencies
v3.12 Trying to sort dependencies
So I just noticed the version I've been using of AnimationPoser isn't automatically downloaded in the dependencies. I think it's been moved? It can still be downloaded manually though from the hub in an outside browser.

This controls a lot of the "life" functions of the character. So without it, well it makes me sad to think of what the experience would be. Will be looking into fixing this ASAP but the newer version of AnimationPoser, released by a different author, doesn't support loading old animations.

Done a test with a clean install of VAM and yeah, this sucks. Even logicbricks didn't download properly, killing the whole scene completely. I got some work to do sorting this out.

Progress 6-9-2023:
Nearly done migrating all of AnimationPoser into Timeline instead. I miss the fine control of transitions and general randomization but what can you do.
Progress 8-9-2023:
Major strides have been made. It's going to be a full version jump. Some models have been redone. Guts will now be a clothing item.
  • Thanks to VL_13's skeleton clothing. We now have finger and toe bones!
  • Added optionalviscera (incomplete, and feedback will have to decide if there's going to be more)
    • Stomach, guts, reproductive, bladder. All untextured and pleasantly cartoony.
  • Added optional muscle systems from VL_13.
  • Removed camera control inputs. They were not satisfactory. Refined the timeline controls instead.
  • XRAY effect is now controlled by a tablet you can carry around.
The guts are rigid. I tried different rigs. Making a clothing item; but they would be heavily affected by morphs (just the standard navel morph would mess it up) where it just looked bizarre. This rigidity means there's a chance there'll be clipping, and generally look inaccurate in scrunched up poses.
Let me know if there's any blendshape requests, as I made a lot. But I'm hiding my power level for now.

Issues I've noted with this release:
  • Freeze button stops camera animation instead of pausing.
  • Guts rigging is messed up.
  • Some parts have gone out of alignment (again). Some models I'll be refining.
  • Wrong render queue for top and bottom clothing.
  • Welcome "sign" not locked.
  • Now with teeth.
  • Updated skeleton to reference new dependency, and using the new rig.
  • "Remote control" for XRAY effect.
  • Optimized some sliders.
  • More poses, including sitting.
  • More buttons.
  • [Fixed]Broke the rigging on the spine. Never save the scene with the spine CUA atom turned off.
  • [Fixed]Broke expression transitions.
  • Further reduction in dependencies.
  • Reduced dependencies.
  • Cleaned up custom morphs.
  • Added human skull in the asset package for those that can handle that level of spook:
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