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Assets Skeleton 1.21

Dependency for my XRAY scene:

  • The following has animation properties through BlendShapes:
    • Ribcage, skull_Human.
  • Spine has bones that can be rigged with IKCUA.
  • Morph included that works together with the ribcage breathing animation. Your results may vary depending on model. Find it as: "breathing, skeleton bundle".

  • No hands or feet included. Not yet anway. Fingers and toes make them complicated in my use case.
  • The rigging could do with some refinement. I do not know what I'm doing, just that it worked on an acceptable level.

Companion plugins

BlendShapes controller: IKCUA:
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Latest updates

  1. Minor addition

    Just a small preparation for an upcoming update to my scene. Added length blendshape to femurs
  2. New setup

    In the nightmare that is trying to figure out Blender-to-Unity rigging, I've come up with a...

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