Vaska & Lilia - Russian Sisters | 2 New Looks + 1 Animated Scene

Looks Vaska & Lilia - Russian Sisters | 2 New Looks + 1 Animated Scene 1

A double feature! 2 looks for the price of 1! Includes an original animated threesome scene~
This is my most ambitious release to date, easily. I worked hard to make sure they looked like sisters but different enough that it felt like 2 separate looks. Hopefully I pulled it off! The scene was very fun to build and is a great showcase of these 2 Russians. I hope you enjoy these looks and the included scene, let me know!

If you like my style of looks, I am offering custom looks tailored to your preferences as a thank you for my higher tip reward on my Patreon! Check it out~

Feel free to join my discord if you want! I will be sharing WiP stuff on looks and scenes, "inspirational content", and also can offer VaM help and tips wherever I can!

Video preview of the animation! I don't think you can easily embed playable video on the hub so this will have to do.

Hunting-Succubus - Enhanced_Eyes.2
RVU - Scene_B&W_Bedroom.4
AcidBubbles - Timeline.243
TGC - Clothing_Richabri_lingerieCollar.1
ddamm - hair_short2 | hair_pony | hair_bun | hair_short3 | hair_long4
ToumeiHitsuji - DiviningRod.4
hazmhox - vammoan.5
MacGruber - Life.10
RenVR - Base Textures
PlaysimDan3D - DecalsPack_Textures.1
Peta Zwega - Sam Face Decal
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Two great looking girls. Even though I prefer Vaska I'll take some time with Lilia too. What a fun default scene to include as well.
Hell yeah! Glad you like them. Vaska is one of my favorite personal looks.
Love the idea and concept. That must of been a lot of work!
Thank you!
Awesome work, они прекрасны!
Thanks enoeht! You're always so kind. I wish you well!
Another good work; loved the two some going on here and assets. The ladies looks great as well!
Thank you so much!
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