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This is a utility I made to bring my VAM characters back into Daz Studio. Once it is in Daz you can then send the model out to Maya, Blender, Zbrush, etc... for further refinement.

This utility does not convert bone transforms, so you will need to run the rigging tool in Daz to correct bones positions if you want a proper rigged figure.

  • Use Morph Merger to save your character as a single VAM morph file.
  • Drag the created *.vmb or *.vmi onto the correct *.BAT to convert it. If you just drop onto the Converting_VAM_to_Daz.exe it will treat it as a female morph.

The utility will check the windows registry for your Daz Studio's Content Path and if found will save files in the proper location
The converted morphs will be located in your Daz Studios Content directory at

/data/daz 3d/Genesis 2/Female/Morphs/VAM
/data/daz 3d/Genesis 2/Male/Morphs/VAM
/data/3feetwolf/New Genitalia For Victoria 6/Genitalia-default/Morphs/VAM
/data/daz 3d/Genesis 2/Male Genitalia/Morphs/VAM

Daz studio will need to reload any open genesis 2 character before it will see the added morphs.

You can edit the BAT files to remove the pause if you want to convert faster/window to auto close Thanks to @Jackaroo and @USSR for testing.
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Essential for my workflow. Many thanks!
Couldn't find the way to port morphs until I found this
10 out of 10 would use again
A must have tool for everybody who uses DAZ to create custom morphs and other stuff for VaM.
It's awesome and used often when a morph seems just a bit off in vam, and needs to be fixed externally.
worked very well, and a must in my pipeline
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