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Hey All,

Here is an ELI5 level guide to allow you to export your Vam character model as an obj, import it into daz then import into blender where you can sculpt directly on your model to customise the look. Then export back out to daz where we make a morph of the changes to bring back to VAM.


Credits to MalMorality for his blender sculpting guide without which this guide would not exist. Much of the workflow is identical with a few tweaks to allow us to work with the Vam exported model rather than the base Genesis2Female.

Special thanks to CuteSvetlana for beta testing the guide.

I look forward to seeing what the community creates with this. its really quite powerful and fills in the gaps where sliders cant do the job.
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Latest reviews

Very great guide, on my way to create a character that I like...
This is going to be a gamechanger isnt it?
very detailed, well explained thank you.
Clear and easy to follow guide! Is there perhaps a way to also convert hair to blender?
Thanks for the review I'm glad you found it so easy to follow! Unfortunately there is no way to export anything other than the model from VaM.
Great guide, I did not anticipate it to be so easy to create custom morphs!
I'd swap around the stuff and Blender tools being not usable from bottom to top. As I got to the very end of this tut and couldn't actually use it because the head I made was edited.
I freakin love you! It worked! I have been looking for a tutorial like this for a while now. Thank you so much!!!
Aww shucks! Mighty kind of you to say so!
Super useful guide! Really easy to follow and understand. Great job and thank you!
Thanks for the review buddy, I really appreciate you taking the time!
Thanks so much for this!! I'd been using the old way, sculpting morphs only on the default mesh, it's fantastic to actually have the option to sculpt on a VAM model I've been working on to make a morph just for her.
Mate, thanks so much for the review! It really was transformative for my whole process to be able to use the actual model since I would often find myself wanting to change things that i didn't have a morph for already. Hope it opens up new avenues for your work!
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