[Unisex] Fluid FX

Clothing [Unisex] Fluid FX 2

  • Tears (Presets: Just waterline, Flowing Tears)
  • Spit (Presets: Spit , Strawberry Jam, Semen)
  • Decals for Strawberry Jam Stains: 3x finger, upper legs, genitals, 4x mouth for both genders (no spec map, only color)

both for Male and Female
  • activate and find the items in "Clothing"
  • Select Presets
  • Adjust the Physics and Surface offset after you finish your morphs & pose
  • Reset Physics after changing the pose
  • Change the material settings to weaken the effect (alpha and specular intensity)
  • Tears have two materials: Set Flowing alpha to -1 to make dripping tears vanish
  • Decals can be applied from the Materials Textures Tab. Browse in the sidebar to the folder Person/Textures/kemenate/Decals Female or Male. Make sure to put the them in the correct slot and use them on the Base UV sets
Known issues:
  • Tears stick too much on eyeball.
  • Spit clips
  • Physics like to freak out: Try Reset
First release
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Latest reviews

These look pretty good, but I can't get them to drip at all, unfortunately. They just stay attached to the eye. I tried disabling eye morphs as Acid Bubbles alluded to, but to no avail. Oh well! The look is still good enough for what I need it for.
Spit's very good, it's the best (only?) I've seen on Hub at the moment. Tears are not working well with eye morphs, but depending on the level of zoom you need it may work well for your need!
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