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Clothing Ultimate Layered Makeup Addon 4

Ultimate addition to SupaRioAmateur and tolborg's Layered Makeup clothing items.
Using makeup decal textures available on hub from vempire, Dasboot, RenVR, kemenate, and MonsterShinkai, added over 400 clothing item presets to be used with the Layered Makeup items.
Created a ton of alpha and diffuse textures and created these presets.

The Makeup Studio scene showcases all the presets:

Presets have been designed to be used in a certain order, as to layer properly on top of each other if used together (by setting the renderQueue in the preset).
All presets also have the new setting RealClothing = Off for use in VAM 1.2.1

Layer Details (Bottom to Top)
SupaRioAmateur.Face 1​
SupaRioAmateur.Lips Outline​
SupaRioAmateur.Eye Shadow 1​
SupaRioAmateur.Beauty Mark 1​
tolborg.Eye Liner 1​
SupaRioAmateur.Beauty Mark 2​
SupaRioAmateur.Face 2​

tolborg.Liner2 (copy of the EyeShadow presets, above everything)​
tolborg.Shadow2 (copy of the EyeShadow presets, below everything except blush/foundation)​
tolborg.Foundation (copy of the Blush presets, 1 layer above Blush)​

TLDR: If you just want some eye makeup you can use EyeLiner 1 or EyeShadow 1 (they have all the same presets).



Credit to SupaRioAmateur and tolborg for the Layered Makeup clothing items.
Credit to vempire, Dasboot, RenVR (Barbie), kemenate, MonsterShinkai , ballard, ZRSX, Mofme, Chokaphi, LFE, Alter3go, PL_Artists, Riddler, FireByrd, Molmark, PetaZwega, BigCsar, AserDevil, Hologen, 3Dfantasia, VL_13 for person decal textures.
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Latest reviews

Not usable in-game, meant for permanent texture editing. Does not work as-is. You can edit them so they can be used as decals, but requires editing every single texture file manually.

That said, good resource.
Thanks for the review, but I think you are confusing this resource. This is a clothing resource, not regular person textures. It is used to apply makeup as a clothing item.
For details on how to use this resource, check out this post I made: https://hub.virtamate.com/threads/ultimate-layered-makeup-addon.33661/#post-91902
This is such a great resource. Thanks for doing it!
best makeup tool out.
This was already cool - the new updates make it essential! Sp helpfulto have these options in one place. Thank you!
Super cool.
Nice work! Thanks for it
Have been looking for this and even desperate for it, thanks a lot seriously!
Wow! Really good work! Thank you for your efforts!
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