Ultimate Layered Makeup Addon

Clothing Ultimate Layered Makeup Addon 4

SupaRioAmateur Layered Beauty Mark 1/2
25 presets items from @Ballard 's Face Decals https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/tempory-tattoos-face-decals-1.11549/
Layered Beauty Mark 1_Ballard-Marks-Bats_d_Left.jpg
Layered Beauty Mark 1_Ballard-Marks-CottonCandy_d_Left.jpg
Layered Beauty Mark 1_Ballard-Marks-Unicorns_d_Left.jpg
Layered Beauty Mark 1_Ballard-Marks-HailSatan.jpg
Layered Beauty Mark 1_Ballard-Marks-Bats_Left.jpg
Layered Beauty Mark 1_Ballard-Marks-CottonCandy_Left.jpg
Layered Beauty Mark 1_Ballard-Marks-Unicorns_Left.jpg
Layered Beauty Mark 1_Ballard-Marks-Slut_Left.jpg

SupaRioAmateur Layered Makeup Lips Outline
2 items from @CasuaLooks Goth Lipstick: https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/goth-lipstick.30260/
Layered Makeup Lips Outline_CasuaLooks-Goth_Satan.jpg
Layered Makeup Lips Outline_CasuaLooks-Goth_Teethe.jpg

tolborg Layered Makeup EyeLiner 1/2 & Layered Makeup EyeShadow 1/2
1 items from ChillPopRun's https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/cop_uniform-teary-makeup.30918/
Layered Makeup EyeLiner_Messy-ChillPop.Teary2.jpg

Thanks to these awesome creators!
Fixed issue with some presets, added some missing presets needed for Makeup Studio.
Sorry I know it's not a small file, you can delete older versions.
Cleaned up some presets that were referencing local decals, created some custom normal maps and BJ textures for lips, added many presets from the amazing creators on hub!

Credit to vempire, Dasboot, RenVR, kemenate, MonsterShinkai, ZRSX, Mofme, Chokaphi, LFE, Alter3go, PL_Artists, Riddler, FireByrd, Molmark, PetaZwega, BigCsar, AsserDevil, Hologen, 3Dfantasia, VL_13

Makeup Studio update to come later.

Layered Makeup Lips
RenVR-Barbie lips: Custom Alpha created for better fit, updated all presets
Alter3go SKIN A1 lips
bigssar Gothic lips
Molmark messy/BJ lips (custom edit)
BJ lips variant added to many presets
Layered Makeup Lips_RenVR-Barbie_Custom.jpg
Layered Makeup Lips_Gothic.jpg
Layered Makeup Lips_A3-SkinA1.jpg
Layered Makeup Lips_v-c04.jpg
Layered Makeup Lips_Messy-Default_BJ.jpg
Layered Makeup Lips_Messy-Mol1_BJ.jpg
Layered Makeup Lips_Messy-Mol2.jpg
Layered Makeup Lips_Messy-Tessy_BJ.jpg

Layered Makeup Lips Outline
Kemenate bloody lips
Layered Makeup Lips Outline_Blood1.jpg
Layered Makeup Lips Outline_Blood2.jpg
Layered Makeup Lips Outline_Blood3.jpg
Layered Makeup Lips Outline_Blood4.jpg

Layered Makeup Face 1/2
Glitter Full/Cheeks
PetaZwega Abigail & Mackenzie Eyes/Freckles
Alter3go Skin A1 Hearts full and Hearts only
Molmark Dirt & custom normal maps
ZRSX Body_writing
ZRSX Dirt & custom normal maps
bigcsar Gothic
PL_Artists Easter Bunny
3Dfantasia - Tessy Tortue & BJ variant

Layered Makeup Face 1_Glitter-Full.jpg
Layered Makeup Face 1_PetaZwega-FrecklesEyes_Heavy.jpg
Layered Makeup Face 1_A3-SkinA1_HeartsBlushEyes.jpg
Layered Makeup Face 1_Face-Gothic.jpg
Layered Makeup Face 1_Messy-Face-Tessy.jpg
Layered Makeup Face 1_ZRSX-Writing_Scribbles.jpg
Layered Makeup Face 1_Dirt-Molmark.jpg
Layered Makeup Face 1_Dirt-ZRSX2.jpg

Layered Beauty Mark 1/2
Glitter Cheeks
Alter3go Hearts
AserDevil Blacked_Tattoos
Hologen QoS Tattoos
LFE Skin Acne
Mofme/Chokaphi PowerGoo (19 presets with Normal/Spec/Decal/Alpha textures!)
Layered Beauty Mark 1_Acne_Heavy.jpg
Layered Beauty Mark 1_A3-Hearts.jpg
Layered Beauty Mark 1_QOS-EyeRight.jpg
Layered Beauty Mark 1_QOS-Cheeks.jpg
Layered Beauty Mark 1_QOS-Breed.jpg
Layered Beauty Mark 1_Goo-Cheeks18.jpg
Layered Beauty Mark 1_Goo-Lips13.jpg
Layered Beauty Mark 1_Goo-Full14.jpg

Layered Makeup Blush/Foundation
Alter3go Skin A1 Blush/Freckles
Riddler Blush
oomphy Blush
LFE Skin Acne

Layered Makeup Blush_Blush-A3_3.jpg
Layered Makeup Blush_Blush-A3_Stars1.jpg
Layered Makeup Blush_Blush-A3_Anime6.jpg
Layered Makeup Blush_Acne_Heavy.jpg
Layered Makeup Blush_Blush_oomphy.jpg
Layered Makeup Blush_Blush_Riddler08.jpg
Layered Makeup Blush_Blush-A3_Signs_d.jpg
Layered Makeup Blush_Freckles-A3_Heavy.jpg

Layered Makeup EyeLiner 1/2 & Layered Makeup EyeShadow 1/2
3Dfantasia - Tessy Tortue
VL_13 EyeLiner

Layered Makeup EyeLiner_Messy-Tessy.jpg
Layered Makeup EyeLiner_Gothic.jpg
Layered Makeup EyeLiner_FireByrd1.jpg
Layered Makeup EyeLiner_Riddler5-1.jpg
Layered Makeup EyeLiner_VL_13-10.jpg
Layered Makeup EyeLiner_VL_13-64.jpg
Layered Makeup EyeLiner_Riddler5-Liner.jpg
Layered Makeup EyeLiner_VL_13-58.jpg
Super tiny update forgot like 3 presets. Not even gonna update the version number so Makeup Studio won't break.
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