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Plugins UIAssist (Free) 1.22

UIAssist v2 is now available for Patreons as a Beta release. It includes:
  • Multi-operation buttons. Each button can now be configured to perform multiple operations.
  • Completely re-vamped and improved plugin UI for setting up UIAssist
  • Lot of other minor refinements and improvements
  • New Button Target option to allow the user to select a specific atom when more than one atom of a type is in the current scene. E.g. Load Appearance Preset to Female Atom where there are two females in the scene will now give a UI option:

if only one female is in the scene, then the preset will immediately load to that person.
  • Bulk create buttons - create a new screen of buttons based on a folder of presets. All presets in the folder are automatically created as buttons.
Bug fix:
  • Fixed errors being generated when loading a Pose preset to a Male atom
  • Fixed issue in Desktop mode where for certain screen layouts the right hand buttons were rendered off the edge of the screen
New Features:
  • Apply heel adjustments to motion capture animations. Allows heels to be worn on models when the motion capture was recorded without heels.
  • New button feature to quickly switch to a specific UIA screen of buttons
  • Import Quick Launch buttons from other UIA profiles (Patron only feature)
  • Navigation buttons to access first and last screens
New Features:
  • Import mocaps direct from source scene files and apply to a person atom with a single button action. Similar to the Everlaster MocapSwitcher plugin - but without the need for an intermediary mocap file.
  • Set the Wrist Watch UI Opacity when the UI is closed and on the wrist in VR. Opacity can be set as fully transparent/invisible.
Bug Fix:
  • Fixes performance degradation (introduced in 1.19) when using the Plugin Bool Toggles.
  • Fixes errors and UI lock up when using Active Clothing Editor, and Leap Motion control was enabled - but no Leap Motion device was connected.
New Features:
  • Heel Adjust feature now allows editing of Heel colliders within the plugin rather than using Prestigitis Heel Adjust plugin
  • Integration with PluginAssist
Bug Fix:
  • Reset Scale or Appearance was causing VAM to freeze in scenes containing large mocaps
Minor Bug fix release:
  • Fixed issue introduced in v1.18.0 that prevented plugin settings being initialised
  • The button state (e.g. on or off) for Plugin Bool Toggle buttons is not initialised correctly
  • Fixed plugin settings for Session plugins were leaking into other non-session plugins when initialising plugins
New Features:
  • Button operations to adjust World scale
  • Button operation to teleport player to a customisable position e.g. move to a position in front of a target person
  • Auto enable/disable Leap Motion when putting down or picking up a VR Controller
Bug Fixes:
  • Adjusting world UI Scale in VR doesnt change the Wrist UI scale
  • Saving a legacy Pose button operation now works
  • Option to use Latest VAR for plugin loads works more reliably now
  • Fixed crashes caused when loading a UIA Profile that switches the Wrist watch from Right to Left hand.
  • (Patrons Only) When using the select preset from folder option in VR, the Keep Open option on the File Selection dialog now works
  • (Patrons Only) Fixed an issue preventing non-person atom spawning when selecting a preset from a folder.
New Features:
  • Toggle Preset Locks - rapidly allows appearance changes to persist between scene loads. Useful for changing the look of atoms in a merge load sequence of scenes.
  • Suppress Preset Locks for UIAssist Preset loads - allows preset loads to optionally ignore the Preset Lock settings
  • Import Buttons - allows a screen of buttons to be imported from a saved UIA Profile file.
  • Options to force disable the "Freeze Physics on Grab" options when loading a new scene or adding a new person.
  • Suppress Scale Change (Patrons only) is now a persistent setting that can be saved in a UIAP file
  • Fix for removing clothes by Tag as part of Merge Clothing Presets feature.
Fixes a bug (introduced in v1.16) that was blocking all Preset loads in the Free version of UIAssist
Fixed a bug introduced in v1.16.0 that broke Spawn Atom button function
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