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Plugins UIAssist (Free) 2.5

New version of UIAssist, includes the following features:
  • Option on Load Plugins operation to open the Plugin UI that is being loaded
  • Load Morph Preset operation now includes option to Include Appearance and/or Pose Morphs (mirroring options in the VAM Presets UI)
  • Load General Preset operation now includes option to Include Appearance, Pose and Physical parameters (mirroring options in the VAM Presets UI)
  • Load Pose Preset operation now includes option to Snap Bones to Pose (mirroring option in the VAM Presets UI)
  • Fixed a problem with the Game Control UI rotating in desktop mode when using plugins like Embody that change the camera orientation.
  • Fixed a problem with Plugin Settings control not working for StringChooser params (i.e. where you have a drop down list of options)
Please report any issues on my Discord page here: https://discord.gg/qrqt2SBzdW
Bug fix release addressing two issues:
  • Toggle Merge Clothing Presets was failing unless a Remove Clothing setting was active (Patreons only feature)
  • Chokaphi DecalMaker plugin integration fixed to work with the latest DecalMaker release.
New Features:
  • New button operations to alter the Control State of all atom nodes (eg. head, hands, feet etc) on a target atom. Each node can be independently set to a control state (e.g. On/Off/Comply etc) for both Position and/or Rotation.
  • New button operations to set all or specific physics settings (e.g. Spring, Damper, Force and Comply thresholds) on each node of a target atom.
  • Improved the Toggle Merge Clothing Preset functionality so it now distinguishes between presets that contain the same clothing items but different parameter settings. So now if you have two clothing presets that contain the same items but have, for example, different colors - UIAssist will correctly distinguish between these so you can toggle between them independently.
  • Tweaked the threshold that triggers Gaze opening of the GameControl UI (when activated in VR settings). Reduces the likelihood of incorrectly triggering the function when VR controllers temporarily lose tracking.
  • Tweaked VR UI repositioning on scene load. Previously when the GameControl UI was detached from the wrist and a scene load was triggered, the UI could appear to be relocated some distance away. This was due to the position of the player changing on scene load. The Game Control UI now re-positions on scene load to be close to the user.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed problem with uiap files occasionally not loading. This only occurred where buttons have been re-configured with Scene or Session plugins as a target and had previously been set to a non default target.
  • The Toggle Plugin Settings operation for the Off button transition was not working.
  • Plugin Settings for Plugin Bool button operations - now prevents being able to set the same bool as set in the Plugin Bool operation itself. Could lead to confusing behaviour where the same bool was toggled on and off in the same operation.
New Features:
  • New button operation to load mocap files created usying Everlaster's MocapSwitcher plugin. For Patreons, this allows random mocaps from a folder to be loaded to a target atom.
  • New sequential filename option for Saving Presets operation. If a preset of the selected filename exists already, a new file with a sequential unique number will be appended.
  • Options to scale and adjust the position of the UI in Desktop mode
  • Option (Patreons only) to include subfolders when using file selection mode options such as 'Random from Folder'.
Bug Fix:
  • Resolved issue with Load SubScene operations. If there was no Custom Target Group for Subscenes, then no valid targets would be listed causing errors.
  • Resolved issue with AddonPackages paths when using the Alphabetical filename sequence from Folder and the random filename from Folder. This was using an "absolute" path for the var which would make the button operation invalid if the VAR was moved into a subfolder.
This the first 2.x release of the Free variant of UIAssist. The plugin has been rewritten almost from scratch with multiple improvements. The most significant new feature is the UI for setting up Button functions has been completely re-designed to clearer and easier to use. There is now in-built context sensitive help on every screen and control. A tree browser view allows quick navigation around the grids and screens:
Screenshot 2022-02-25 174605.png
The paid version (https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/uiassist-patrons.187/) now allows for multiple operations to be setup for each UIAssist button (as well as other exclusive features).
UIAssist v2 is now available for Patreons as a Beta release. It includes:
  • Multi-operation buttons. Each button can now be configured to perform multiple operations.
  • Completely re-vamped and improved plugin UI for setting up UIAssist
  • Lot of other minor refinements and improvements
  • New Button Target option to allow the user to select a specific atom when more than one atom of a type is in the current scene. E.g. Load Appearance Preset to Female Atom where there are two females in the scene will now give a UI option:

if only one female is in the scene, then the preset will immediately load to that person.
  • Bulk create buttons - create a new screen of buttons based on a folder of presets. All presets in the folder are automatically created as buttons.
Bug fix:
  • Fixed errors being generated when loading a Pose preset to a Male atom
  • Fixed issue in Desktop mode where for certain screen layouts the right hand buttons were rendered off the edge of the screen
New Features:
  • Apply heel adjustments to motion capture animations. Allows heels to be worn on models when the motion capture was recorded without heels.
  • New button feature to quickly switch to a specific UIA screen of buttons
  • Import Quick Launch buttons from other UIA profiles (Patron only feature)
  • Navigation buttons to access first and last screens
New Features:
  • Import mocaps direct from source scene files and apply to a person atom with a single button action. Similar to the Everlaster MocapSwitcher plugin - but without the need for an intermediary mocap file.
  • Set the Wrist Watch UI Opacity when the UI is closed and on the wrist in VR. Opacity can be set as fully transparent/invisible.
Bug Fix:
  • Fixes performance degradation (introduced in 1.19) when using the Plugin Bool Toggles.
  • Fixes errors and UI lock up when using Active Clothing Editor, and Leap Motion control was enabled - but no Leap Motion device was connected.
New Features:
  • Heel Adjust feature now allows editing of Heel colliders within the plugin rather than using Prestigitis Heel Adjust plugin
  • Integration with PluginAssist
Bug Fix:
  • Reset Scale or Appearance was causing VAM to freeze in scenes containing large mocaps
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