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TittyMagic Laboratories inspection

Scenes TittyMagic Laboratories inspection 2

( ͝סּ ͜ʖ͡סּ)

Hello inspector, TittyMagic is a new startup hoping to benefit from your experienced hands.

Our little VR test site is all set up. Stand at the center of your play area facing forward, get rid of distractions, and make sure your VR hands are set to collision on. You might need both hands for this one, inspector - at least to start with.

Using v1.2.0 of the plugin: The current version (2) will use the plugin version 1.1.0 if it is available, but it will also work with 1.2.0. If you have the older version, just delete the old version before launching VAM, then launch the scene and it will use the newer version.


It runs at 60fps on RTX 3080 & Index maxed out at 100% resolution scale. Not sure about other hardware, but it shouldn't be too heavy.


See resources listed in dependencies.

Me for the TittyMagic plugin. :LOL:
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Latest updates

  1. Updated for plugin version 1.1.0

    Version 2. Version 1 of the demo scene is not compatible with TittyMagic v1.1.0.

Latest reviews

I rate the plugin, not the scene. It's a great thank you. I just tweak values like that and it's really great, work with the gravity plugin (VeeRifter) aswell:
private float scaleMin = -2f;
private float scaleDefault = -2f;
private float scaleMax = 6.0f;
protected JSONStorableFloat softness;
private float softnessMin = 0.0f;
private float softnessDefault = 1.5f;
private float softnessMax = 6.0f;
protected JSONStorableFloat scale;
private float sagDefault = 1.2f;

And don"t use templates, I just play with sliders.
Hi, thanks for the review! This plugin is not designed to be used with BreastAutoGravity, but given that it uses entirely different morphs to adjust the shape, the two are technically not incompatible. So yes it "works" with BreastAutoGravity. But the way I've designed this plugin assumes that it's the only plugin adjusting breast morphs on the fly based on chest joint rotation. It shouldn't need other plugins on top of it to do that.

If you think it's the case that using BreastAutoGravity at the same time improves the result, let me know how it improves it and I'll test it and see if I can incorporate the improvement into a future version of TittyMagic :)
Great Plugin and even greater Scene.
The scene itself is great plus i really like that it is supereasy to switch models via apperance presets.
High quality content. It perfectly shows what the plugin and morphs do. I was stunned when I saw the breasts hanging naturally up side down. I'm for sure going to play a lot around with this.
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