Plugins Timeline v5.1.1

Literally the the best plugin for VAM. Period.
Fantastic tool and frankly the only reason I have used VAM for so long. It's so easy to create scenes with this and bring characters to life
Amazing plugin!
Took me 10 minutes to download, read the tutorial, and make a half decent loop. Very impressive and easy to use plugin :)
Very powerful plugin but it's still free, so selfless..
The most important plugin for VAM in my opinion.
Great job! Thanks for sharing!
Does it possible for you make this new funcion in Timiline 5 to add contols separetely for every animation? It's so sad that If i'm using HandControl in Anim [1], I won't able to use It after in any other layers, only for this one layer where I did animation with this HandContol. I hope I correctly expained It :D This function with your new "save pose" will allow to create 20+ animation in one scene, really look for it!
Acid Bubbles
Acid Bubbles
Layers really are a set of controls that can blend between animations; having controls in one anim but not another on the same layer doesn't really work, unless they are _completely_ separate, in which case maybe multiple Timeline instances may be an option. Come talk to me in my Discord server or on the Discussion tab, I'll do my best to help :)
Greatest plugin EVER! Thank you for your hard work!😍
What else should we give this essential plugin other than the maximum of stars? :)
A must have! Thank you, Acidbubbles, for your continued development to improve the VAM experience and making it easier to create experiences!
The best of the best.
This plug-in takes VAM one step further
Thanks for your contribution to VAM.
After one year i finally decided to see how it work, before i was too afraid to used it because it seems to be so complicated. Wrong, it s so easy to use and just fantastic, i love it. And 6 hours passed way too fast and at 4am i stopped. Now i m like a dead empty soul at work ^^'
Acid Bubbles
Acid Bubbles
Glad you took the step! And yeah, it's a real time sink, hours pass like minutes...
Best animation plugin
thanks bro.
i have a question. i downloaded scene and there is AcidBubbles.Timeline.226 on dependencies. but your plugin latest update 223. is there mistake?
Acid Bubbles
Acid Bubbles
I publish alpha and beta versions on my patreon, some authors might publish scenes that depend on it; currently the only features that are not available for playback in 4.x are per-animation pose, real-time playback and VAMOverlays integration, but the latest Hub version will let you know if those features are being required :)
this is so usful thx
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