The Fuck Awakens: (Professionally Voiced)

Scenes The Fuck Awakens: (Professionally Voiced) 0.98.9

script now loads appearance presets when changing characters (the paths are new, PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY)
more subtle expressions via script
improve the SELECTOR UI that will allow for many more characters to come
numerous minor script and scene improvements
a little buggy but we are near 1.0. detailed hj animations are coming next.
v98.8 changelog:

preliminary work on a 'face' ending activity type under poses 😉
much much more realistic hand movement sounds
added a short mouth-based looping animation for one of the mouth activities
various pose improvements across the board
environment tweaks
reworked ui
a handful of very short animations for certain poses to replace / augment cycleforces for certain positions
bugfix: cycleforces now still work if no character is selected
added more expressions during interactions with player with script improvements, her expression change based on intensity
reworked sounds to be louder and more consistent (slaps, etc)
added two new cycleforce types/mutual pleasure activity
position improvements and new positions
added automatic beamsword on/off support that you can toggle
deleted some bad, slow code that was both slowing down the program and preventing some audio from playing, so you will hear more audio now
better breast physics
added environment swapper support to script, now loads in things like ambient sounds/skyboxes automatically, more ambience and ambient audio
new randomized audio
improved cycleforces more reliable animations now
new positions
fixed intro
better UI
primitive multiverse functionality for people with multiple characters installed
Bugfix with the script! Not all audio was playing!!! especially bj audio, you will now notice more randomized audio now.

QOL improvements and UI improvements
UI Overhaul
New speeds!
Script improvements including a "silence" slider
New audio
New commissioned clothing courtesy of the talented AnythingFashionVR
new positions; new lighting; new dialogue!
fa v94 changelog
Two environment options now! Swap between an indoor spaceship environment and an outdoor rainy mood with two clicks. Requires you to download another package called the tech hallway. D position looks a little funny in one of the envs, will be fixed eventually. Future updates will adjust lighting automatically based on environment swap.
bugfix: vammoan is disabled by default (got included by accident anyway)
new intro audio that autoplays and transitions into first activity
numerous position improvements
ondestroy cleanup- clear all clips from memory and between girl changes ( lower memory usage, fewer audio bugs, no audio bleed between girls)
slight improvements to clothing
some script improvements to vh34 player - support for up to 9 personalities, some bugfixes related to stale audio sometimes being played for a previous girl or activity unrelated to the current selection
Figured out what was up with timeline animations exploding, so instead of giving up on them, added the bugfix and will be pursuing more animation in addition to mostly pose loading.
bugfix: damnit - last release had an irritating issue where the eyes load state system i set up screws up when you load appearance preset mid scene, removed (will be doing automatic eye adjustments later)
new speed settings- super fast!
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