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The Call Girl – Bound For Pleasure TEASER (DESKTOP & VR VERSION)

Scenes The Call Girl – Bound For Pleasure TEASER (DESKTOP & VR VERSION)


  • Added Almost 200 new sound files.
  • Added New Station- Tied On Desk
  • Added More Animations for Other Stations
  • Added More Girls
  • Added Orgasms for the Girl
  • Added Generate Girl Options for More Variety
  • Added VAMStory Menu for Cleaner Look.
  • Fixed a bunch of issues.
SlamT-Bound For Pleasure 6-Teaser.jpg

SlamT-Bound For Pleasure 6-1.jpg
Added the Sybian Station.

This teaser is a shadow of the Full Version. Full version has been rebuilt from the ground up recently and has 20 times the content and features.

SlamT-Bound For Pleasure Teaser Sybian.jpg
Sorry VAR was named as a .1 when should have been .4
Added 2 new stations.

Full version is totally updated. New everything pretty much. Get that you won't be disappointed.
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