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The Call Girl – Bound For Pleasure TEASER (DESKTOP & VR VERSION)

Scenes The Call Girl – Bound For Pleasure TEASER (DESKTOP & VR VERSION)

All photos from this Teaser Scene. To see the full version Go Here!

Desiree the high class Call Girl you met in Las Vegas is back!

She’s pretty kinky and loves to be tied up and fucked hard.

She has many different looks and clothing she likes to play with.

She likes being a Dirty Girl and talks nasty and likes it rough.

She also will be a Damsel In Distress and play captured girl by begging, crying and trying to get away.

She also will be your Daddy’s Girl and act all Naughty and call you Daddy.

SlamT-Bound For Pleasure Teaser Sybian.jpg


This Scene Takes Time to Load but once its loaded its runs great.

This was super complex to make so if you have any issues reach out to me and I will help you figure it out. Its been tested on multiple machines and works great.

Voice acted by the lovely and talented AudioHarlot
CC BY-NC 4.0 AudioHarlot

Script by me: CC BY-NC-ND SlamT

You can get all ofe YameteOuji's Clothes for free here!

Instructions Below...


SlamT-BFP-Redux4 Teaser-2.jpg

SlamT-BFP-Redux4 Teaser-1.jpg


Click Start to get the instructions from Desiree.

There are 9 Stations each with different poses and actions.

Intro Scene, Tie To Desk, Tie to Bedpost Front, Tie to Bedpost Back, Tie to Stool, Tie to Bookcase Front, Tie to Bookcase Back, Tie to Chair, Tied Spread Eagle Up & Tied Spread Eagle Down.

You can jump from Station to Station anytime by clicking the Station button.

Change Personality on the fly. There is just a small sample of the sounds. Full version has 1000 sound files!

Change Girls, Skin, Hair and Clothing. Mix and Match for lots of variety.

Manually remove clothing by steps or select auto and use the slider for delay between.

Full version has advanced Clothing Removal and Cum Clothing Systems.

Touching Desiree will get a reaction. (full touch system in Full version only)

Adjust the animation speed with the slider. Basic, Full Version very unique.





Slam Thunderhide
Total Size
131.51 MB
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 7 ratings

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    Sorry VAR was named as a .1 when should have been .4

Latest reviews

Very nice!
Slam Thunderhide
Slam Thunderhide
Thank you!
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this is amazing
Slam Thunderhide
Slam Thunderhide
Thank you. Update coming soon.
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Fantastic piece of work. I have the Patreon version, but if I only had the free lite version, it would still be in my top five (along with two other creations from SlamT). The animation is excellent, the control scheme is easy to use and the voice acting, is spot on.
Slam Thunderhide
Slam Thunderhide
Thank you! More to come, I have plans for the next update. :)
Upvote 0
Slam has done it again. If you aren't a subscriber you don't know what you are missing and you need to sign up now!

This is just a taste of exceptional scene that has raised the bar for character animation and voice acting on VaM. Slam has done an incredible job in creating lifelike characters that are so realistic, you'll feel like they are real.

The characters are meticulously crafted, with detailed facial expressions and body language that make them feel like they're truly alive. The way they move, talk, and react to your actions is so natural and believable. The voice acting is unmatched on VaM - nothing is even half as good.

I don't leave many reviews but trust me this is developer that you have to support.
Slam Thunderhide
Slam Thunderhide
Thank you for the detailed review. I'm glad you noticed all the little nuances that she does. I tried to make her come alive and once you get the hang of how it works she really does. More to come on this one too!
Upvote 0
Hey this is really well done! However per your instructions it says to "Download and Unzip the Custom.zip..." The links don't work for me. I was going to get the full version but this made me hesitate. The lite version seemed to run fine without doing this step. I was just wondering was this needed, what's it for, and is the link broken? Thank you!
Slam Thunderhide
Slam Thunderhide
Hi, Yeah I took that out. It was just some custom looks for the model. It doesn't affect game play at all. I will try and add it back in but to be honest it just confuses a lot of people. The full version is packed full of features, animations, poses, sound files and much more. You won't be disappointed.
Upvote 0
Truly a masterpiece.
Slam Thunderhide
Slam Thunderhide
Thank you very much!
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Your scene is what I love! And you do it very carefully. The interaction between the characters is really great!
Slam Thunderhide
Slam Thunderhide
Hey thanks very much. I try to make it as immersive and interactive as possible. Check out the full version it's 20 times bigger at least. You will not be disappointed.
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