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Plugins TextureRehome 1.0

This is a small plugin to help when moving skin and other body textures to a new folder. Its useful if you want to save a look from a downloaded scene without keeping the original folders.

How to use:
  1. First you need to manually copy the texture files to a new folder on your file system. Do not change the names of any of the textures.
  2. Load this plugin on a Person in the scene that you want to change the texture locations
  3. Open the plugin UI and press Select Rehome Folder
  4. Navigate to the new folder location containing the textures and press Select
  5. On the plugin UI press Execute Texture Rehome
  6. The plugin will repoint the textures to the new location where it contains the same texture filenames. This includes all skin, sclera, iris, lacrimals, eyelash, teeth, tongue and mouth textures.
  7. Save your Appearance preset.
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