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T-Shirt Guide

Guides T-Shirt Guide 1.0


If you're new to VaM clothing creation or you're just curious how I do things - This is the guide for you!
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Amazing work. I've been working on simple male clothes and all the edges are being pushed around (remeshed from MD only). I'm going to try the retypology approach and see if it fixes all the puckering going on. From your images it looks like it does - TY!
Ah yes. I had this same problem with the first grey dress i made. That mesh is straight out of MD with a bit of clean up on edges. But still those edges are quite distorted. Retopology takes some work and is an art form in itself but once you get good at it - it goes pretty fast in a good software package such as z-brush. Other software such as Zbrush does a good job at auto generating re-topology. I believe generic_male_51 uses this method with good results.
Thanks for documenting your process, this is very helpful!
It's my pleasure!
I learned a lot reading this. I wish it was a bit for thorough in some aspect but I guess that's because I'm a novice in 3d modeling. Would love to see a video of the whole process.
I tried to keep it somewhat on the surface so it wouldn't be too long. Feel free to ask me questions on discord YameteOuji#9405 I'm happy to help. :)
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