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Plugins Synthia (original by VamDeluxe) 4

Var packaged by me and added these features from original

- able to make person walk to any atom with a trigger


Copy the var file into your AddonPackages folder


Open demo, select person, and right click or use trigger to command the person to walk.

To setup your own, add Synthia.cslist plugin to your person. Details below.

What is Synthia?

Synthia is a character animation system.

Your selected person will now walk to where you want them.

First select any part of your person. Then:

On Desktop: Right click to command. In VR: Press trigger (VR, only when menu is open) commands the person to walk to some point in space.

Upon arrival, the idle animation will play.

Adding your own animations

Synthia uses root motion animation. This means your character's root will physically move where the animation moves. This also means you can chain animations together at any point.

To add your own animation, press "Add Animation". Browse to a BVH you like, then press play on the newly loaded animation. Your person will now perform that animation. Commanding your person will cancel it.

You can use this to override the idle or walk animations.

Loaded animations have a few options:

  • Loop: loops the animation
  • Restart On Animation Change: restarts the animation to start frame when starting this animation, otherwise it will continue where it left off.
  • Root Motion: Causes the animation to physically move the person's root.
  • Root Motion (Up/Down): Causes the animation to physically move the person's root up or down. Good for dances that jump, etc.
  • Start Frame / End Frame: Clip your animation between these two frames.

Trigger Animations

Synthia has built-in support for VAM triggers. In any trigger, select person->synthia plugin->forceAnimation. From here you will see all the animations that are loaded. The trigger will cause that animation to play. This makes scenes using BVH animation extremely easy.

You can also make a person walk towards any atom you want. In any trigger, select person->synthia plugin->walk to atom->atom name. When triggering the person will walk to that atom.


  • Turn rate adjusts how quickly the person faces the new target.
  • Heel height and angle adjusts the foot during animation, useful if your person is wearing high heels.
  • Ignore feet collisions will cause left and right feet (and shins) to not hit each other during animation.
  • Show target will show a small ball where you want your person to move to.
  • 'Walk uses root motion up down' causes the person to move up and down if the animation move up and down. Useful for dances. Be careful of collisions with the ground as it my crash VAM.

You can also replace animations with your own BVH animations. This requires the idle and walk to be aligned towards the Z axis.

This plugin was created by VamDeluxe.
This plugin is also built on the work by ElkVR.
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