Standing Pose(513-576)

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Standing Pose(513-576)
Pack 9 for Standing Pose Series

The poses can be loaded in only 1 ways - the Pose Presets' way. Too lazy to make it in the old-fashioned way. The Legacy Presets' way is no longer provided to save time.

PS: This pack just ended its a month's Early-Access and became a free pack yesterday. Currently there're a few pose pack projects going on on my patreon page. If you're interested in these projects, feel free to drop by and have a look. Some of them will stay exclusive & others will be released here one by one after a month's EA period for them each.
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Latest reviews

Great poses, appreciate all the packs you have made.
Thanks you for making this. I do not really like to have expression embedded with the pose, because it not fit to every face.
Tough, keep up the good job !
The 0 expression versions of these packs are being made in my spare time and will be released on the HUB one after one in future. The flat shoe version is also on its way to be here soon.
Honestly, just incredible. Thank you so much!
Thank you for your awesome pose packs, I agree with the other reviewer. Your poses are amazing, they have so much attitude and personality and really show off different models in such natural/believable ways. Thanks
Your pose packs are top tier and this one is no different - I love it!!! Thank you so so much <3
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