Girl Group Standing Pose(001-064)

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Girl Group Standing Pose(001-064)
Pack 1 for Crouching & Squatting Pose Series, later packs of the same series to update only here.

Here's 2 options to choose from.
klphgz.Girl_Group_Standing_Pose(001-064).1.var contains only pose presets,
klphgz.Girl_Group_Standing_Pose(001-064).2.var contains pose presets & subscenes so as you could load a group of poses simutaneouly(pos & rot info of a group of 5 looks ).





As the model posing in the subscene is a paid look, there may be error logs appearing when loading. But it won't affect the poses, anyway.

The poses can be loaded in only 1 way - the Pose Presets' way. The Legacy Presets' way is no longer provided to save time.
Besides, I'll add more subscenes from time to time to this pack as common combinations of group of characters.
Hopefully this pose pack can grow larger and larger by the time.

I've noticed there're many requests lately about adding 0 expression version to the packs I've posted here. I'll take care of it, but later on. Too busy to lend time to solving this issue immediately(Maybe a couple of days before I get my hands free). And the new packs to post will be classified and grow larger by the time only in their own posts from now on. No more same series of packs posted separately.
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They are all great!
As always, awesome work and thanks for sharing. These are great for group indeed but honestly really great for individual poses. Thanks!
The best one!
Really great! Already used them. Thank you.
Very nice.
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