Crouching & Squatting Pose(001-128)

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Crouching & Squatting Pose(001-128)
Pack 1&2 for Crouching & Squatting Pose Series

The poses can be loaded in only 1 ways - the Pose Presets' way. The Legacy Presets' way is no longer provided to save time.

These packs just ended its 1 month's Early-Access and became a free pack yesterday. Currently there're a few pose pack projects going on on my patreon page. If you're interested in these projects, feel free to drop by and have a look. Some of them will stay exclusive & others will be released here one by one after a month's EA period for them each.
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  1. Crouching & Squatting Pose(001-128)

    Pack 2 ended its 1 month's EA so added here.

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The pose master does it again... Awesome work as always.
I just wanted to give thanks for all of the amazing poses that you create and share with us. So, thank you very much! ❤
Very good
These are fantastic. Thanks!
Still the best pose sets around, although I do agree with Ballard and would these to have neutral facial expressions. Doesn't take away from the 5-star for me though.
Another great set!
Kinda agree fellow about facial expressions, but more poses always good, and app the effort.
I love your pose sets they are very useful for scene creation! I do wish you would not adjust facial expression morphs, it really messes up expression plugins and it is a minor hassle to find all the expression morphs and zero them out each time I use a pose.
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