Onani Pose(001-064)

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Onani Pose(001-064)
Pack 1 for Onani Pose Series

The poses can be loaded in only 1 ways - the Pose Presets' way. The Legacy Presets' way is no longer provided to save time.

In some cases, the hand may pass through the lower body for the body size can be so different. So a little adjustment to the hand's position after you load the pose preset may be necessary.

PS: This pack just ended its 1 month's Early-Access and becomes a free pack today. Currently there're a few pose pack projects going on on my patreon page. If you're interested in these projects, feel free to drop by and have a look. Some of them will stay exclusive & others will be released here one by one after a month's EA period for them each.
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Having a good pool of poses is inspiring and a good way to save time sometimes. Thanks for sharing.
Excellent as always!
Just wow!
Simply fantastic.
At this moment you are the king/queen of VaM poses!
ooohh yesss amazing work! Just want I've always wanted! Thank you so much!!
excellent work as always!
All of your pose packs a great and useful. But this might be the MOST useful. Thanks!
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