Small Foot Morph Collection

Morphs Small Foot Morph Collection 2021-05-27

In the past years with VaM I made a lot of morphs for my personal use.
They are imperfect and sometimes even a bit broken, but after being hesitantly quite a while, I have decided to share them anyway. Please have a look at the other parts of those collections, too. All collections together will add more than 100 new morphs.

This are some morphs for the feet and toes. It is nothing you will really need, but maybe attractive for the morph-collector who allready has everything else.
They go well together with the "Reloaded" morph collection, and most of them are not meant to be used to their full extend, but to give your look some hard-to-find details.

This is my first VAR Package ever. If there is any interest in this, I may share my other morphs, too.
EDIT: Attention, foot morphs will distort foot-wear quite a lot!

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Just great. I always wanted a morph that made toes shorter, never had an easy solution, until now.
Awesome. Please do share more feet related stuff, there really isn't much of it available for VAM. I've made some of my own but haven't got anything release worthy just yet haha
Would DEFINITELY like more foot stuff. Absolutely. Morphs, textures, nail colors, realism, anything you have in mind.
Because I want to know where you got the foot jewelry from?
It is from DAZ3D, unfortunately. But it was very easy to make. Maybe I or someone else can make one without copyright issues.
Because feet ;)
I think about sharing other feet stuff, too. Like textures and normal maps, if there is any interest. A friend of mine sometimes likes feet, too ;-)
because of free sharing, but not only :-)
Thank you!
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