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Silver Kiss is a plugin that, as the name suggests, makes a character kiss things. Add the script to your character, select a target, and check Active. (Alternatively, check Kiss Cam to have the character kiss the camera when it comes within a set distance. Very fun in VR :). The Kiss Cam and target kissing do not work at the same time, FYI).

To have two characters kiss each other, add an instance of the plugin to each character and select the other characters "LipTrigger" as a target (be sure to use the LipTrigger, not the head :) ). Importantly, in the tracking options, set Person1 to track BOTH Position and Rotation, and Person2 to track ONLY Rotation. That way, one character will move to the other character's position. If both try to track position, physics wonkiness will result :p

Just a heads up, it can take some trial and error to get two kissing characters to look their best. There's lots of bumping noses to contend with. Experiment with turning tongue collisions on and off in "Misc Physics." Also tilting heads back and to the side can help with nose bumping. For added fun, try using with VaM's included float randomizer.

Use Lip Depth to adjust distance to the camera in VR, if the character's face is too close.


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  1. Now Free!!!

    The Early Access period has passed and Silver Kiss is now free for all. HAVE FUN!!! :-)

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Very nice , good for all tongue play
Awesome! Outstanding plugin!
Insane! Using the float randomizer to randomize the head tilting and stuff makes this absolutely perfect! Super worth the wait :)
Another simple, elegant, but versatile plugin from ClockwiseSilver. Can also be used to make pretty awesome blowjob animations.
I love your plugins!
Something like this was sorely missing as free content. Early access is officially over!
Works extremely well, great customization options
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