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Before you download, this is not a typical scene, this is a template to make new scenes.

## WTF???

This scene is a template to "quickly" create scenes with different themes, environments, ambiences, intro mini-scenes, randomised speech, etc. Here's an example of this template in a themed scene:

What you get in this template is all the functionality of the scene above - sex actions, buttons, random speech, customisation panel - striped from the theme additions and intro mini-scenes. It is ready to be used as the backbone of a new scene.

This is mostly aimed for people with some experience creating scenes and basic Timeline, but besides this long, long, long description... sooooo long... all atoms and triggers have descriptive and useful names. Feel free to explore how things work and connect.
A earlier version of this template exists that may be easier to those new to scene creation. There are no relays and is more limited in scope, although the steps needed to use it in a new scene are almost the same as with this one.

## What is included

7 sex positions with:

  • randomised thrusting
  • female transitions
  • some male positioning options
  • easily editable random speech during sex, pre-cum, and after sex
  • random choice of sex action
  • minimal use of expressions on initial penetration and cumming sequence
Customisation area for:
  • appearance and clothing presets
  • morph adjustments
  • scene options
  • sex action picking
and also:
  • all buttons and triggers set up
  • cum fluids
  • fading to sex actions
  • common plugins like VAMMoan, Glance, Divining Rod, Embody
Navigation to sex actionsOptions and customisation

## What is needed for a scene

You need a environment of some kind, unless you just want a dark infinite area (no judgement). And together with the environment you'll want light sources.
After loading a environment you likely want to position the sex actions to a suitable place. This moving is best done using a subscene atom, as you want to move the male and female together and not have misaligning issues. I'll explain how to do this in the section "Moving with subscenes".

A scene without sound is a lame scene. You need some kind of ambience, or music, even some white noise makes a huge difference in immersion. There's already a atom named Ambience for you to use it as a audio source, now how you want to use is up to you. You can play a specific audio file, music list with the Audiomate plugin, or the VAMAtmosphere plugin for an assortement of ambience options.

### Moving with subscenes

This may sound weird and difficult, but just needs some practice, give it a try. The purpose to use a subscene is to move atoms as a group, keeping the relative positions the same. I suggest you create a new subscene atom, call it AAA or something like that, to show first on the parent atom list.

Open Timeline of a person and under the Actions segment pick a sex action, Doggy for this example. The first animation of the sex action sequence has the simplest name and the group is ordered by sequence of events. When you select the animation Doggy, the male and female will be posed immediately in, you guessed it, Doggy style position. You may also notice that close to them is a subscene called DoggySS; it's currently off, and inside it there are buttons and other atoms, but hidden because the parent subscene is off.

Moving on, the subscene you created earlier I will refer to as AAA; move it close to the Doggy positioned persons and DoggySS. On the male, female, and DoggySS atoms, set AAA as the parent atom. You can now move all 3 atoms as one by moving AAA. The AAA subscene has an option to freeze physics in case you need the persons to not move too much around, don't forget to uncheck this when placing them next to a collision enabled surface.
After you position the grouped 3 atoms (male, female and DoggySS) go ahead and unparent them all from AAA.

You're not done yet, though, because the persons have a saved pose in Timeline that you need to overwrite. DoggySS is done, this you don't need to do anything anymore. Go to the male and female Timeline plugin, the animation is set as Doggy because you selected it before and they share the name (linked), click the tab Pose and overwrite the pose. Once you do this for both, the pose is now set for the new place. You can test by choosing a different sex action animation and when selecting Doggy again they will pose in the new place you chose.

You are finally finished, but now you need to do this for the remainder positions, same procedure. Depending on the new environment used you may need to make small adjustments to the DoggySS (or other) button positioning, to make sure they are not hidden behind something. Once you're finished with all positions you can remove AAA.

  • Disable the new environment collision to move the persons through walls, but turn it on it when positioning the persons on the intended spot
  • Freeze physics in the subscene can be used to have the persons stabilised when moving, but then disable it when you need collision in positioning
  • Don't forget to unparent from AAA, or things get messed up. If you forget to add one of the sexactionSS atoms you can drag it to same place as the persons but then check it the buttons are in a usable orientation.

### Intros - a lead to sex or a story with chapters

If you take a look at the scene I made and linked above, you can find intro scenes in a different Timeline segment from the ones present in this template. Segments (Timeline v6 and above), allow you use different targets in layers than the ones used in other segments. You can create intro animations that will not affect the other segments - unless you want them to - to give your scene some build-up to the sex parts, or as part of a sequenced storyline like chapters.

### Random speech

There's a atom named SpeechRandom who has ActRandomizer plugins. One is for lines spoken during sex which go on in a loop until the Cum button is pressed. Another is for a single line spoken when the Cum button is pressed. And a third for a single line spoken near the end of the sex animation. These lines are all editable and as the name sugests, picked at random.
The trigger for the first and third mentioned plugins are set in sex animation, while the second and trigger to halt the first are in the Cum button.

### Expressions

The sex animations have a low use of expressions. For the male I skipped them entirely because I normally use a possessed male in VR. The female has a few expressions on the penetration and cumming phases. I've added nothing else to leave it flexible and open to whatever your theme is asking. You can use expression plugins like e-Motion, Cue, etc., built-in auto-expressions, or apply them in Timeline, up to you. If you make intro scenes you may need to consider if the expression method you use will affect them and act accordingly.

## Show me your triggers!!!

There may not be many buttons around, but there's plenty of triggers and relays around the scene. I just realised recently what the Relay and Delay plugins in MacGruber's Logicbricks do, and what a revelation that was to me. Instead of repeated and scattered triggers, I unified to a decent amount this potential repetition with a trigger to a relay.
One important atom is NavigationSS, that has a few relays that control the identical actions of the buttons for the sex actions. Instead of having repeated triggers between each button, a trigger to the relay is enough, more consistent, a lot more maintainable and adjustable.
Another important atom is OptionsSS/Fluids, which has relays for cum clothing and other scene aspects. Say you want to use different cum textures, not a problem, change the relay's triggers in this atom and all sex actions will reflect this change.

  • random sex action plugin
  • go back button actions
  • shared scene starting actions
  • pre-scene starting actions
Fluids button
  • female scale 0.96
  • fluids presets (alpha -1) and moans
  • creampie actions (trigger in Timeline)
  • flacid penis after cum actions (trigger in Timeline)
Super cum
  • inflate/deflate morph timer actions (Trigger in Timeline)
Morphs buttons
  • Male/female geometry
  • Timeline load animation (Pose 1...)
  • Act randomizer plugins
  • VAMOverlays plugin for fades and subtitles
Sex action buttons
  • Timeline load and play animation
  • show associatied SS atom (eg: BJSS)
  • trigger NavigationSS shared scene starting actions
StandSS and others
  • Cum Timeline animation
  • Random speech stop
CowgirlSS and BJSS
  • Cum sequence triggers, no Cum Timeline animation
Cum button in StandSS and others
  • Float parameter randomiser plugin - male speed mostly
  • Trigger for StandSS and others cum actions
Other buttons in StandSS and others
  • Various actions with Timeline animations and hiding/showing buttons

## Timeline setup

I'm trying out the new Segments functionality in Timeline v6, attempting to grasp how to make a proper use of it. There's 2 segments in this template - Options and Actions - where the first is for the customisation area and the second for the sex actions:

The Options segment has animations for the poses. If you want to change them or add more, these poses are saved in each Pose animation and not from presets. Even though they are animations they don't play, it's just storing the pose. Having playing poses adds new challenges that may be addressed in a future version.
The Actions segment deals with all the sex actions. You may need to tweak a little if your added characters are too different from the original, if the new environment gets in the way, or if want to customise the actions to more your liking.

If you want to make intros (read about these above), I suggest you add a new segment to have a independent Timeline space for this type of animation. Check the linked scene on top for an example or see how the sex actions buttons and triggers work and adapt it to the intros.

## Subscenes for sex actions (DoggySS, etc.)

These have child buttons needed for the sex actions to develop, and the subscene also handles triggers through relays (plugins). Some have cubes as surfaces to not have to rely on the environment's collision properties and still keep the persons aligned. You can hide these under Materials > alpha adjust.

## Credits and thanks yous

AcidBubbles - Embody, Timeline, Glance, SpawnPoint
AshAuryn - Expression and Sexpressions morphs
ClockwiseSilver - SilverBJ
Crimeless - Cum clothing
Damarmau - Textures
hazmhox - VAMMoan, VAMOverlays
JayJayWon - ActRandomizer
Kemenate - Morphs
MacGruber - Essentials, Life, Logicbricks
Molmark - Drip clothes
PetaZwega - Henry
Sapuzex - Fluid CUA
Skippy - Cum clothes
Spacedog - morphs
ToumeiHitsuji - DiviningRod
Everyone who contributes in any constructive way to the VAM community.

I hope you find this template useful for your personal scenes, and feel free to use it as a Hub shared scene of your creation. Take note that this template's license is NC (Non-commercial).
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