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EDIT: 14/07/2021 - As 2 of my most beloved looks I felt it was time to bring them in to line with my current standards. Facial features have been refined for more realistic proportions as have the bodies
Makeup added
Moved to my release scene - as the top image

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A very happy accident when messing around mixing up old facegen morphs. Aimee is an earlier stage of Sara that I thought had her own look so had to be released. I've not done too much on the body side other then a bit of body tone and some breast morphs.

Contains 2 scenes, the originally released and refined versions of the girls.

Screenshot (837).png
Juno_aimee v2.png

Juno_Sara v2.png


Id like to take a moment to say a huge thank you to the other creators who's work is used to make my girls amazing!

RenVR for original Aimees hair and the ever beautiful kayla skin texture #kaylaforever (Built in)
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Love them both but Sara is special, there's something in the eyes that makes her so sexy.
Team Sara FTW
Aimee is an angel
2 of my all time favourites Love the attention you gave the updated versions!
Great job on the updates. Makeup is class!
Thanks for girls they are super girls
Really nice update! The makeup textures are seriously the best I've ever seen on any model. Sublime!
Just found your work, I think these are my favourite girls! Thank you!
I like sisters. got any more?
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