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Sammy Richelieu

Looks Sammy Richelieu 2020-11-22

With my lengthier periods of free time drawing to a close i wanted to get at least one more of these out there for now. This is a Filipina actress and fashion designer, and a rather lovely woman. Name was changed after i already made the Var so there will be a difference between that and the name on the Hub.

Skin used is Aimi from Vren
Hair is from Nostage3
Tattoo's by VirtAmateur
Photostudio from VamXFan
Face Decals by Kemenate
Makeup by Alter3go
Enhanced Eyes and Eyelid Blender by Hunting Succubus
Made using these morphs - Kemenate Unisex Morphs, Tenstrip (an3k), Reloaded Lite (spacedog), Dilldoe Morphs, Tiseb Foot Morphs.

Screenshots taken using only Macgrubers Super Shot - assets and clothing are not included in the Var

Clothing in all 3 screens is SupaRioAmateurs 7th Heaven Tifa Swimsuit https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/7th-heaven-fighter-pool-party.706/

Sea/Island background asset and boat are paid assets

If you find that it does not load properly or is missing something , please let me know.

First release
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Very realistic looking character, needed to tweak far fewer things than with most other looks out there. And hot.
thanks. person she is based on is an eyefull
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