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Rachael - The Cat Lady

Looks Rachael - The Cat Lady 2022-08-11



Meet Rachael, the animal-lover. She's dedicated and hard-working, running an animal rescue full-time. Sometimes, though, she needs to blow off some steam; I think maybe you could help her with that by using her in your scenes!

1658469390.jpg 1658469404.jpg

Dependent packages:

@Hunting-Succubus - Enhanced Eyes & Enhanced Eyelid Blender
@Nostardhoumous - Hair Shoulder Wavy 3
@prestigitis - 090185 canvas shoes
@VirtaArtieMitchel - Simple Socks Collection
@OptiMist - Low-Cut Shirt Layered
@jakuubz - Skinny Jeans
@kemenate - Female Body Hair

Promotional Image Assets:
@TGC - Simple Bedroom by bishion
@Matt Richard - Animated CUA Black Cat
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Latest updates

  1. Genital texture fixes

    You've probably figured this out by now. Genital textures were broken. Now they're less broken...
  2. QOL Update + Gens Textures

    This is a bit of a rework; her eyes were messed up (as imports tend to be) so that's been...

Latest reviews

Deliciously thicc, looking forward to more of your creations!
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Love it!!
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Really digging your middle-age looking women. Hope to see more of that!
Thank you! I really appreciate the encouragement. I've got good news for you, then, because I've got at least a few more to do. :)
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