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free looks

  1. 0thJAV

    Looks [Looks] Mika HD 2023-07-02 Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY

  2. F

    Looks Futa Kierra Final 2023-05-13 Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY

    Hot sexy blonde Kierra is ready to go Futa Fantasy 3D (FF3D) character. Enjoy! Credits: Damarmau - https://www.patreon.com/damarmau vs1 - https://www.patreon.com/vs1 WeebU - https://www.patreon.com/WeebUVR
  3. Young Women

    Young Women

  4. Young Women

    Young Women

  5. Young Women and Her Daughter

    Young Women and Her Daughter

  6. L

    Looks Sabine - Bewitching 2022-08-11 Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-NC

    Sabine Are you ready to fall under Sabine's spell? Everybody's favourite teenager is here, ready to bewitch you as you explore your darkest fantasies with her. Credits: Eyes - @Hunting-Succubus (Enhanced Eyes; Enhanced Eyelid Blender) Clothing - Pleated Skirt V2T by @Vince ; Lacewear...
  7. MonsterShinkai

    Looks Casey 2.1 Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-NC-SA

    It's been a while since I uploaded a look. Anyways, her name is Casey, a tomboy who always liked to hang out with the boys more than other girls. She enjoys being active and lives a fairly average life. Textures are based on RenVR's Samantha so you will need to download her. I only adjusted the...
  8. L

    Looks Rachael - The Cat Lady 2022-08-11 Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY

    Rachael Meet Rachael, the animal-lover. She's dedicated and hard-working, running an animal rescue full-time. Sometimes, though, she needs to blow off some steam; I think maybe you could help her with that by using her in your scenes! Dependent packages: @Hunting-Succubus - Enhanced Eyes...
  9. S

    Old and seemingly missing look for Elastagirl

    I used to have a free look for Helen Parr with the suit downloaded but now I can't find it anywhere online after I had to reset my PC. Does anyone else remember or have the files? It's not the paid one by biochrishd, but a free one by one of the bigger names in the community. I remember...
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