Plugins PosingHelper 2.01


it keeps taking more and more memory until your device can't give anymore, i fixed it but testing is needed.
sorry this took so long I was just sick

Undo :credit(saf31)
. set the undo keybind from the plugin menu
. press it to undo the last changes made to the position and rotation of all main bones

Set and Clear Links:
. select all the bones you want to link and select the desired bone you want them to be linked to last.
. select all the bones you want to link to nothing and click clear link to clear them.

Change States:
. select all the bones you want to change their position and rotation states and click the desired state button.

* i renamed some bones to be easer to use with timeline
* i also missed up the versioning
bug Fixes
. mirroring now supports different positions and rotations.
. symmetry mode now works.

New Button
. the name button now acts as the atoms main controller so you can move and rotate the atom by activating this button.

different linking
. you can no longer rotate and move the whole atom by changing using the pelvis button , instead it acts as a separate bone between the hip and the waist.
you can now change the position , rotation without worrying about mirroring and swapping (hopefully)
no idea why didn't I do this last update (credit babul )
Bugs fixed
. bones don't directly line up in symmetry mode when the scale isn't zero (credit user babul saved me hours of debugging by giving me the answer)
. pressing the Add button before opening the UI caused an error

New things.
. the old controls.
. sensitivity sliders for both rotation and translation.
. the ability to customize keybindings.
. the ability to invert the X and Z axis (credit user babul )
I broke the rotation in the last update and fixed it now
New Bones:
. added pelvis and waist bones

New Local Editing mode:
. added a new button where you can toggle the local editing mod ( or you can press "capslock")

New Controls:
Press capslock toggle to local editing mode
. Press backspace to unselect previously selected bones
. new slider to control the rotation speed (both the sliders control the rotation speed but the second one has a lot more impact on how fast things rotate)

Unfixed bugs:
. still couldn't fix the last bug but you can now press "backspace" to clear all selected bones on all characters how have this plugin applied

Goals for the next updates:
. the ability to select bones from the screen without using the plugin menu (credit user: xexka )
. the ability to set custom key bindings for switching movement modes and axis (credit user: cs2022 )
. the ability to link body parts right from the plugin menu (credit user: cs2022 )
. adding a mirrored movement mode where your actions are automatically mirrored to the other side
Bug Fixes:
. Rotation not being applied when mirroring arms(credit to user babul )
. Position and Rotation States being weird

New Controls: (credit user xexka )
. no more ugly switch button
. now there's movement mode and movement axis
. Positional = default , Rotational = hold left Control
XY = default , Z = hold left shift
* when the axis is set to Z the mouse y movement is ignored

Better Reset button: (credit user xexka )
. the reset button now only resets how the body parts are linked , and it sets them back to the default linking structure

Unfixed bugs:
. when applying the plugin to more than one person they are all active at the same time and will work regardless of who the selected person is (you can turn it off and on but that's annoying)
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