Plugins PosingHelper 2.01

.rotation issue(credit:SinFear)
- now,when the axis is set to local the node rotates around it's own axis instead of the atoms axis ( like it should have been from the beginning).

.Keep the UI Open
- now you can choose to keep using the UI,even when toggling F1 or U ( to help you take different screenshots without leaving the screenshot view).
read the Overview for all the details.
sorry i rushed the last update and didn't test it enough

!> Compile of Ruvik.PosingHelper.23:/Custom/Scripts/Ruvik/ph.cslist failed. Errors:
!> [CS1061]: Type `SuperController' does not contain a definition for `MainHUDVisible' and no extension method `MainHUDVisible' of type `SuperController' could be found. Are you missing an assembly reference? in <Unknown> at [185, 64]
it should be working on now
.Toes and pelvis bones
- that's about it.

. utility buttons
- on\off
- collision toggle
- freeze physics
- recover from physics explosion
- load poses

. about future updates
- im thinking of rewriting allot of the plugin code to help me set up VR UI.so sadly future updates will be slow, but Im not done yet and i'll always be active in the Discussion to help and listen to suggestions .
. select
. you can now toggle opening the bones UI

also fixed the last bug
. Focus credit (cmramlow)
. added a focus toggle in the screen UI
. added two toggles in the plugin UI (for the default focus functionality leave them both checked)
. toggle the focus to focus on any body part you select.

. Triggers credit (maskedman3)
. every functionality now has it's trigger for VR users

. bugs Fixed
. mirroring not working while in IK mode ( by extension symmetry is also fixed now)
. screen UI still active when browsing the hub
huge huge thanks to Acid Bubbles for creating Keybindings
thanks to TrickyDragon for suggesting the Keybindings integration.
you can use the included PH.keybindings file to get the default keybindings, or you can set them up yourself!
sorry for taking almost two weeks to update.

Removed the "Add button":
. now characters are automatically added.
. added a refresh button incase you add , remove or rename a character

Sliders and toggles now save:
. the two sliders and the inverse toggles now save their values.
. key bindings still revert to their default values, make them save would require the user to export and import a JSON folder.
. being a simple plugin i think it's a little to much to add the ability to do that so unfortunately i won't be adding this feature ( sorry :( )
physic linking credit( babul ):
. added the option to set the position state to physics based

. if you switched to symmetry while selecting the right side, it automatically selects left side instead.
. fixed the undo not detecting changes made with the keybinds.
. fixed the undo not working when using symmetry.
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