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move menu overhaul:

. choose between 4 alignments instead of the previous 2
. choose to either input values directly or use the arrows

Align To From Scene:
. RMB + ctrl on any node and select where to align it with

Eye Button:
. you can now change the atom "eyes look at" mode from the UI
. LMB= cycle between (player and target) , RMB=open eye target UI , MMB=set eye mode to none.

New Help Menu (credit: @babul ) :
. checkout the help button in the UI or the overview section in the hub

Bug Fixes:
mirroring state is now stored for every node and every posing mode(hand and body)
. it has been one year since i released the first version which was terrible, it came a long way.
. the reset pose button does different things based on what mouse button was pressed ( left: default , right: similar to physics recovery thing , middle : only reset the main controller position).
. new window for enter precise coordinates for nodes (and reset button) (credit: SinFear ).


. eye toggle(green = eye is on player , white = eye is set to whatever it was before )

. fixed a few issues with mirroring , switching modes and loading/saving poses (credit babul as always).
. implemented the fix mvklein provided for the plugin not working if using translation (if it doesn't work feel free to tweak the code until it does :) ).
. bug fixes:
- plugin doesn't initialize correctly if the starting person has the PHFingers plugin but is Off (credit @ascorad )
- flipped direction in XZ and YZ combined gizmo (credit @qdaro )
- clearing links and setting states are now mirrored ( also qdaro)
- if the nodes state was set to Lock it will stay Lock instead of turning to On(qdaro)

. Node Relative Alignment (qdaro):
- move relatively to the node ( if the nodes z axis is looking up , dragging the z gizmo will move it up)
- hold alt , or keep clicking the button to make it the default alignment.

. Minimal Finger Animation template:
- minimal = sliders , advanced = dots and gizmo
- open timeline
- more -> Import/Export -> Import
- choose between these two
Some UI Changes:
. new handposing UI:

. added a button to undo.
. re arranged buttons to make switching the mode in the middle.

New Hand Posing:
. move sliders to pose hands without adding the PHFingerSliders plugin to the atom.
. reset , load and save poses ( make sure to only use sliders)

Better Saving:
. removed the prompt and used VAMs native way ( like saving scenes)

Global Save Settings button:
. save once and load everywhere and every update that's after version 57

Added a new Help menu:
. click the question mark button to read all the modifiers.
.fixed save and load hand presets:
- now the plugin detects which side is being used during saving and loading.

.added preview to saved hand preset(credit babul):
- any preset saved after this update will have a preview image for convenience.

.Bug fixes:
- undo bug(credit qdaro)
hand posing mode (Credit : @babul )
. hands down the easiest way to pose fingers on desktop , yet.
. very handy for posing fingers.
. a includes a handful of selection choices.
. puns very much intended.

Load Pose Button
. works exactly like vam pose presets , "Select Existing ..." button.
. sorry for the previous pose loading button ( i implemented it myself).

Save Pose Button
. input the poses name in the field.
. works exactly like vam pose presets , "Create New Preset" button.

bug Fixes ( credit : @qdaro )
. i can't remember them all.
switch selection mode:
keep -> the selected nodes stay selected when switching characters.
. retrieve -> remember selected nodes per atom and retrieve them ( basically if you selected the hand ,switched characters ,selected something else ,went back , you'll find that the hand is pre-selected for you).
. clear -> clears selection every time you switch characters (the old default behavior)

bug fixes:
shift-selecting fix ( credit : qdaro )
. the shoulders nodes are now set to off when resetting state ( credit : xbs333 )
. identity transform clean-up ( credit : me )
.rotation issue(credit:SinFear)
- now,when the axis is set to local the node rotates around it's own axis instead of the atoms axis ( like it should have been from the beginning).

.Keep the UI Open
- now you can choose to keep using the UI,even when toggling F1 or U ( to help you take different screenshots without leaving the screenshot view).
read the Overview for all the details.
sorry i rushed the last update and didn't test it enough
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