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Plugins PosingHelper

if your get errors, try updating your game

inspired by HSPE for honey select
this simple plugin lets you mirror legs and arms to the other side as well as in my opinion an easer way to pose
any feedback is appreciated.

* To use finger posing, make sure to put PHFingerSliders.cs on atoms you want to pose fingers with
* using the plugin as a session plugin is recommended

how does it work?
1 - add it to a any thing in the scene ( don't add it twice)

2 - open the UI by pressing the "Show UI" button or set your keybindings with keybindings.


* the load/save/reset pose work differently depending on posing mode (body and hand).

* you can choose to use either these buttons or the keyboard and mouse shortcuts ( go to the bottom for a how shortcuts work).

Hand posing mode (compatible with handpose presets)
a handy posing mode to make posing fingers easier


Hand posing mode (Minimal )
a handy posing mode to make posing fingers even easier ( you can combine the two modes for ultimate control)

how to use animation preset:

* for the animation presets to work you MUST include PHFingerSliders as Plugin #1.

NEW HELP MENU credit(@babul )


. don't add the plugin twice in the scene.
. the source code is a mess but Donald Knuth said "premature optimization is the roots of all evil" and i took that personally ( i will fix it later i just want to add every necessary feature first)
. have fun and thank you

. create a nicer UI
. add mirrored editing mode where your actions are mirrored to the other side directly
. custom key bindings.
. bring back the old controls
. create a VR UI

known bugs:
currently the symmetry mode won't work well if the two sides aren't identical in their position and rotation states.
. mirroring when IK link is on.

. moving the whole character and undoing causes it to be slightly offset from where it was before undoing.

Acid Bubbles : keybindings
prestigitis : handpose

DTBJ: character

qdaro : playtesting and amazing assets including the plugin icon.
babul : playtesting the shit out of the plugin, creating the animation preset , creating the graphic above and being very fun to chat with.
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  2. ANNIVERSARY UPDATE, new precise input window , eye toggle button and some fixes.

    . it has been one year since i released the first version which was terrible, it came a long...
  3. bug fixes , added relative alignment , added a minimal finger animation template

    . bug fixes: - plugin doesn't initialize correctly if the starting person has the PHFingers...

Latest reviews

Great work ! very useful plugin !
Upvote 0
Awesome must have Plugin!
Would love if you could make the UI be freely moved.
currently you can only offset (X,Y) and scale it , but I agree it would be cool if you can drag it with the mouse. maybe next update??
Upvote 0
this plugin is a god send
Upvote 0
Must have! No better plugin for precise posing in VaM. If you don't have it you're missing out!
Upvote 1
Awesome Plugin. Must have! Thanks!
Upvote 0
Great plugin!!! Thank you. (I'm looking forward to using it in VR)
unfortunately the plugin doesn't support VR yet. i might add support someday.
Upvote 0
I've been using VAM since the beginning and because of that I've gotten used to the nightmare UI/UX so for me personally most plugins that change the way you interact with the UI make it harder and slower to create something. This plugin is a rare exception, it legitimately makes VAM easier and faster to use. IMO if you had to choose between something like VAMX and this plugin for being baked into VAM by default I would choose this plugin 10 out of 10 times and twice on Sunday.
I don't normally reply to reviews that aren't questions because I don't think it's necessary, but this made my day. Thanks for the awesome review.
Upvote 0
thank you so much
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I've been using your plugin in every scene i make.
But in this version i cant figure out which or where are symmetry and swap buttons.
every thing is in help menu, the symmetry button was replaced with an icon (the line with the two mirrod points) and swap is now done with shift+middle clicking the mouse. this update introduced a little learning curve bit i think it's for the better in the long run.
Upvote 1
This is now the best way to move, pose, and animate person atoms in desktop mode!
Slight learning curve, but once you get yourself familiar with all of its features and how to control them, it's the fastest and most comfy posing available either natively or on hub. And I've tried all of it.
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