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Make sure your on not on version 12 (update 1.1) , it's ok if you're higher or lower tho.
plugin icon needed
, if you can make something that resembles this plugin while looking good, i would love for you to post it in the Discussion .

inspired by HSPE for honey select
this simple plugin lets you mirror legs and arms to the other side as well as in my opinion an easer way to pose
any feedback is appreciated.

how does it work?
1 - add it to a any thing in the scene ( don't add it twice)

2 - select a character from the popup and add it using the Add button.
* read the Keyboard and mouse shortcuts section for these to make sense
3 - open the UI by pressing the L.

. change the active atom with left arrow and right arrow ( the button with the name moves the whole atom).
. select what you want to move (hold shift to select multiple).
. hold the movement buttons and move the mouse right to left to move and rotate bones.
. the first Row of X,Y,Z is for changing the position.
. the second Row of X,Y,Z is for changing the rotation.
* you can choose to use either these buttons or the keyboard and mouse shortcuts.

.swap either the legs or the arms.
EX: after pressing both swap legs and arms

. local: the movement is based on the characters transform.
. cam: the movement is based on the camera transform.

. automatically mirror the left part to the right part (make sure the position states are either active or parental link).

. change the body linking structure to support IK (posing by changing rotations)
EX: before and after
Screenshot 2023-01-21 164446.png
Screenshot 2023-01-21 164456.png

. reset link ( returns the body to the default linking structure)
. reset body ( same as going to poses and clicking lode default)

Undo :credit(@saf31)
. set the undo keybind from the plugin menu
. press it to undo the last changes made to the position and rotation of all main bones

Set and Clear Links:
. select all the bones you want to link and select the desired bone you want them to be linked to last.
EX: I want to link both the right and left thigh to the hip. select both thighs then select the hip then link :)
. select all the bones you want to link to nothing and click clear link to clear them.

Change States:
. select all the bones you want to change their position and rotation states and click the desired state button.

. copy either the right side or the left side from either the legs or the arms
EX: after pressing copy l leg and r arm.

Keyboard and mouse controls: (credit user xexka )
. now there's movement mode and movement axis
. Positional = default , Rotational = hold left Control
. XY = default , Z = hold left shift
* all the keybindings can be chainged now (credit user babul )

. don't add the plugin twice in the scene.
. currently the symmetry mode won't work well if the two sides aren't identical in their position and rotation states
. the source code is a mess but Donald Knuth said "premature optimization is the roots of all evil" and i took that personally ( i will fix it later i just want to add every necessary feature first)
. have fun and thank you

. create a nicer UI
. add mirrored editing mode where your actions are mirrored to the other side directly
. custom key bindings.
. bring back the old controls
. create a tab to pose fingers.
DTBJ: character
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Latest updates

  1. physic linking and somefixes

    physic linking credit( babul ): . added the option to set the position state to physics based...
  2. i fucked up and fixed it

    PLEASE UPDATE, THE PREVIOUS VERSION CAN BREAK THE GAME it keeps taking more and more memory...
  3. Undo, set links , clear links and change states

    sorry this took so long I was just sick Undo :credit(saf31) . set the undo keybind from the...

Latest reviews

As a HS2 and koikatsu User this makes posing in Vam perfect for me now thanks for this awesome plugin!
As a HS2 user, this is perfect.
Very useful for posing
The symetry and link buttons are a game changer!
Great tool for creating new poses!
Version 8 Broke the ability to use it in VR though =(
Limb Mirroring and swapping only works if the model is facing forward. (Y Rotation = 0)
sorry to hear that, I try will fixing it asap
At first it was a bit rough, but newest update made it an essential plugin for me. Posing is fast and efficient. Also, position changes register with Timeline without need to manually keyframe pose (even if you just copy over sides instead of moving the controller!). Along with nicely working real-time symmetry, animating will be much more efficient in many cases. Below tip for Timeline users, as in one case it can mess up your keyframes.

Having symmetry on will continuously create a keyframe for your right side targets only, but make sure to have it disabled if you are using scrubber with your mouse in Timeline, as each time you select any time position, it will create keyframe there. You could have it on, if you navigate only with next frame or previous frame. Or you could navigate with the mouse with symmetry off and hit the button twice to register a single keyframe where you want it. During playback extra keyframes are not created. But you should be really using either symmetry mode for full mirroring and keyframing only left side then, or using it to create right side mirrors at specific points.
Excellent plugin! Posing has always been a pain for me, but with this plugin, it's much faster and easier to create poses. Thank you!
thank you for the 5 start.
i just updating and would love you to tell me what you think.
Shiny! Looks like the way fancier version of one of my past favorites - the old posemirroring plugin from ... way back when (2019, I think?). Particularly like the global/local switching option - that was sorely missed back then.

Bit confused about the reference to "IK animation"? Do you mean it's possible to add smth like an Full-body IK solver to VaM person atoms? I thought that was only possible for CUAs?
i meant one where you move by changing the position , and another where you change the location kinda like the HSPE one.
i would be happy if you tried the update to let me know what to change.
also doesn't vam already include a full-body IK solver?
I like your avatar.
i didn't pick him he picked me
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