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Plugin UI Undocker

Plugins Plugin UI Undocker 5

Allows moving plugin UIs to other areas of the screen.

Original idea by @ascorad.

  • Add as a session or atom plugin
  • Open a plugin UI
  • Click and drag "Drag" button to move UI.
  • Use "Dock" button to reset

  • Only tested in Desktop. Unlikely to work for VR.
  • Each atom's plugin UIs are positioned independently.
  • Positions are not saved/restored on scene load.

First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 20 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Remember after Reload

    When undocked plugins are reloaded, they are automatically undocked and restored to their...
  2. Fixed issue with Scene/Session Plugins

    Fixed issue with session and scene plugins. It currently doesn't work for them, and now handles...
  3. 'Always Show' Option

    Added an 'always show' toggle that'll allow the plugin ui to stay open when you de-select the...

Latest reviews

Great plugin. Very useful and great for productivity. Much better than switching between atoms and their tabs over and over.

Would love the ability to be able to undock session plugins too. Is that possible?
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If you plan to make just about anything in VaM, this is an absolute must have! Cuts the time it takes to make a scene in half. Easy. It truly baffles me that something like this isn't included by default in VaM. Thank you Stopper, for saving us hours of time!
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Hello. This is amazing. That is all, thank you.
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This is so awesome! Thanks a lot!
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I'm convinced Stopper should also modify the rating system so I can give this a 10 star rating.

I've been wanting a QoL improvement like this for a lot time simply from not having to switch and and forth on the plugin menus.
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So very very handy. Thank you!
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Wow!!! I can't even imagine how much time will be saved with this plugin. Thank you!
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Of course it was you :)
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Extreme useful, thanks
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