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Naturalis V1 Demo

Scenes Naturalis V1 Demo 2 (free)

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This simple demo scene features a few poses, cycle forces and a range of butt and breast sizes to try out Naturalis v1.0 in a pretty space environment.


  • everlaster.Eva_Morphs.2.var (bundled in this same resource)
  • see Dependencies tab (VAM: package manager -> Scan Hub for Missing)
Before starting the scene
  • The scene has PostMagic in it - if you have PostMagic in your Session Plugins, remove it before loading the scene.
  • The scene is not particularly demanding on hardware but due to the cost of soft physics, it can still be hard to maintain a smooth 60 fps if both glute and breast soft physics are enabled - generally, it's best to just enable one or the other!
  • The new Local Distortion Physics feature is disabled by default (both in the scene, and in Naturalis in general), but you can try it out by enabling it from the plugin UI!
  • The scene includes a capsule you can use to test collision physics (in addition to VR hands, if in VR)
On frame rate and physics rate:
  • Desktop
    • it's recommended to set Physics Rate to 60 Hz in VAM User Preferences
    • limit framerate to 60 to ensure physics rate and framerate are synced
    • use e.g. MacGruber FrameRateControl (from MacGruber.Essentials.14) or vertical sync to limit frame rate
  • VR
    • Set a Physics Rate that suits the stable framerate you get on you VR headset. E.g. 60 Hz on Valve Index.
  • the scene includes a skybox asset from @hazmhox, a version of spacebox_10 from Spaceboxes 101 but without the nearby stars/planets - thanks hazm! 🧡
  • authors of dependencies
  • demoscene_env.png
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