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Plugins mmd2timeline


timeline is the best animation plugin in vam.
my plugin just convert mmd's vmd file to json file that timeline can play.

you can optimize or edit the frames in timeline.

my friend using my plugin create this demo video:

this plugin use "https://github.com/x3bits/libmmd-for-unity",it has some bug and i'm not sure i have fixed them all.


How To Use?
install the plugin "Custom\Scripts\mmd2timeline\mmd2timeline.PersonAtom.cslist" to the person atom.

if you want use high heel,you should toggle "Enable High Heel" and set "High Heel Adjust" after "Import Vmd".
recommend the plugin "prestigitis.script-HeelAdjust" to adjust the heel effect.

first "InitAtom",then "Import Vmd",you should put vmd file in game folder.
then "Sample",the person atom will play the animation very fast.
you should wait "Sample" process to finish, then export the json file.

you can using SubScene to change the person's position or rotation after import timeline.

How To Use The “PLAY” function
1. install the plugin "Custom\Scripts\mmd2timeline\Player.cslist" to your Scene. It can be added to any location as your like.
2. Open Custom UI of the mmd2timeline.Player and click the "Import From Folder" button to load multiple MMDs to the playlist. Or follow the UI prompts to select the corresponding action.
3. Open Custom UI of the mmd2timeline.Settings to make general settings.


Click here for Open Actions and Triggers instructions.

1. Don't load multiple Player plugins in same scene. If you need to drive multiple persons, just 1 Player plugin is needed! It automatically recognizes when a person is added or removed from the scene. Multiple Player plugins running in the same scene can create unpredictable situations.
2. Restricted by file security policy,The VMD file must be in the VAM directory. You can use the "mklink" command in CMD to link the MMD directory to the VAM directory.

MacGruber_Utils.cs from MacGruber. https://www.patreon.com/MacGruber_Laboratory

Welcome to put forward the suggestion and the bugs.

Total Size
1.05 MB
First release
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5.00 star(s) 22 ratings

Resource team

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Latest reviews

like to see more update in here
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Very nice !!!
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six six sixx
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I always thought I could not find such a good plugin, thanks to the selfless contribution of the author
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One of the best plugins for VAM !
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Congrats on making the hack who demands you pay for a plugin like this and goes as far as encrypting it lose his cashflow.
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Awesome plugin! I like it.
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