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Plugins mmd2timeline 0.10

timeline is the best animation plugin in vam.
my plugin just convert mmd's vmd file to json file that timeline can play.

you can optimize or edit the frames in timeline.

my friend using my plugin create this demo video:

this plugin use "",it has some bug and i'm not sure i have fixed them all.


How To Use?
install the plugin "Custom\Scripts\mmd2timeline\mmd2timeline.dll" to the person atom.

if you want use high heel,you should toggle "Enable High Heel" and set "High Heel Adjust" after "Import Vmd".
recommend the plugin "prestigitis.script-HeelAdjust" to adjust the heel effect.

first "InitAtom",then "Import Vmd",you should put vmd file in game folder.
then "Sample",the person atom will play the animation very fast.
you should wait "Sample" process to finish, then export the json file.

you can using SubScene to change the person's position or rotation after import timeline.

buy me a coffee 😃

Welcome to put forward the suggestion and the bugs.

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Latest updates

  1. v0.10

    1.add sample mode:every frame.the result is more accurate.this mode is recommed. 2.optimize...
  2. v0.9

    1.fix camera 2.fix arm rotation,the arm movement may be more accurate 3.fix finger animation...
  3. v0.8

    1.improve base model,the arm movement seems more smooth. thanks to 炒饭 who help me a lot of the...

Latest reviews

works great
I heard THE GUY charge for everything :P
This plugin is amazing and can only get better ! And better still, it's free !!

Unlike another (PAID !) MMD player plugin we know about, it does not require the installation of a Bepinex loader, or placing modified .dll's in the "VaM_Data\Managed" folder, or require jumping through expensive hoops to get a working licence. It's just a simple dll loaded like any other plugin.
Although it does not play animations directly (unless you count the preview feature) it can export the animation in the format used by the famous @Acidbubbles Timeline. This latest version achieves this exceedingly well and the resulting animation can be saved, then loaded and played (or modified) in Timeline without even requiring this plugin to be present.

Well done ! Keep up the good work !!
thank you for your support!
It's gonna be the next best thing.
thank you for your talents
手指关节扭曲比较严重 不过这是一个非常好的插件以前只能在mikumiku上编辑现在可以在vam里编辑了 五星支持 期待最新的优化
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