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Maria's Wild Ride

Scenes Maria's Wild Ride 1.1


You are spending a few days at a conference out-of-town and you've brought your young secretary Miss Maria with you. One evening as you come out of the shower, she has entered your hotel room and is standing there all naked. She looks divine. Get ready for the ride of a lifetime!

Maria and her boss are complete looks to be used. They come with all proper hairstyles and textures. Maria has head hair comprised of two parts, where the neck bun is separate. She is also decorated with a cute landing strip. Her boss has head hair. Credits: Thanks to Hazmhox for the bed, Jackaroo for the Boss' male genital normals and DJ_Clem for Maria's tan lines. Textures.com, freesound.org and Wikimedia Commons were used.

Place the .var in your VAM/AddonPackages folder and RUN MariasRide00START

Oh, and this one actually took me a month to create, so please consider shooting me a reward on Patreon and review and thumbs up if you enjoy it. Thanks, mates, your support means a lot!

Don't miss Episode 2 of Maria's adventure where she takes it in the butt, MARIA'S WILD ANAL.


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Latest reviews

A++ work! she looks so natural and real! Thanks!
Thanks! That means a lot!
Thank youuuuuuuuuu! :D
Damn hot scene! I was mesmerized by that glorious tits bouncing :)
Thank you kindly. Yeah, they're quite something lol
As with all things Scamp-related, this series is awesome. Really happy to have you back Scamp!
Thank you! That made my day :)
super. thanks
Thank you!
How to use other looks with this scene: Select Maria atom (N hotkey) -> Control and Physics 1 -> Preset Locks Overview -> Here you can choose what to keep on each merge load, AppearancePreset being the main one for looks, but you'll have to experiment. Or you can do what SCAMP mentioned and save every scene with the new girl.

Also, nice scene, VaM really needs a wiki/FAQ thing.
Thanks! Yes, that's also a good solution to changing the look.
Excellent scene!!!
What do I need to do if I want to change the look of the girl and keep the button to change to the next scene?
If I just change her look with another one, I end up with two girls in the next scene if i press the button
Hey thanks! It's a bit of work, but it can be done. Change the look of the girl in all scenes and save them. It's just a matter of opening scene one, change the look and save the scene, then scene two, same thing and so on. It demands some extra work like this because of how Merge Load ssystem works, but if you do it, you'll have your own personalized version of the wild ride!
Jeez this girl is beautiful! Really sweet scene, really nice presentation. I really like when creators are taking the time to make a nice description, nice titles and a bit of backstory!

Thank you SCAMP. It was indeed a wild ride.
Thank you! It means a lot!
Thanks buddy. This one took a while to get right but it's almost perfect!
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