LuxXeon's Furniture Pack #1

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This asset bundle contains 55 high quality furniture pieces crafted carefully by LuxXeon (John Malcolm) so he receives full credit for this pack. I received LuxXeon's direct permission for this conversion. More of his superb models will be added shortly.

I converted materials and made collision meshes for most of the models.

These models are high polygon with high res textures and can impact VaM's performance a bit. I recommend using them for screenshots/photos as I created this pack for this purpose mostly.

Asset bundle contains 55 objects:

First of all LuxXeon's licenses apply to each model and textures.
Second - this pack as a whole is released under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND license, this means you can:
- use it in your scenes etc as long as you link back to this thread crediting the author,
- use it or non-commercial purposes only,
- use it without derivative works (it means you can't repack or recompile the assets into larger assetbundles, but you can pack it with your scene for example - just link back to this thread so the original authors are credited as well),
- upload/redistribute it freely as long as you link back to this page.
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