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Luxury Bathroom 1.1

Paid Assets Luxury Bathroom 1.1

Want to bathe your dolls? No problem, this luxurious bathroom is a great place for this it's quite spacious and nothing obstructs the camera view. The bathroom has a jacuzzi tub, shower, a standard bathtub. I also created water effects and a shower drip.

This environment was created as addition to my previous content the streamer room.

Special thanks to VL13
I used his jeans model to create the dropped clothes on the floor.

Room Features
1. The room has two skyboxes.
2. Extra props that can be freely moved (bottles, chair, studio lamp, studio microphone, smartphone, smart home panel, lipstick).
3. You can turn on/off reflection on floor

By default is disabled.
1. The glass on windows.
2. Floor reflection.
3. Mirror plane near the sink.
4. Shower and bath water turned off.

V1.1 (14/04/24)
1. fixed normal map on hippopotam model under glass table.
2. disabled shadow from decorative figurines.
3. muted albedo for flowers pots
4. fixed alpha-sorting issue on spider plant
5. added collision for rim mesh of the glass table
6. new normal map for black pillar column
7. fixed missed ao map for round table
8. sofa and chair separated from the main unity scene (by request)
9. Plant texture scaled up to 2048
10. new reflection for metalic assets
11. added new prop for bath - benches
12. new ivy mesh (old deleted)

Assets from skechfab (retoped/rebaked)

VaM 2024-04-14 06-28-51.jpgVaM 2024-04-14 06-18-04.jpg
VaM 2024-04-10 03-29-58.jpgVaM 2024-04-10 03-31-06.jpgVaM 2024-04-10 06-21-34.jpgVaM 2024-04-14 06-17-23.jpg
First release
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Amazing! If you want to see what is really possible in VAM, get the top quality stuff of this creator. These environments are by far the best and most detailed available! So much love for the detail, working showers and hot tubs, lights... incredible!
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