(LITE) The Fuck Awakens: Episode 2: Professionally Voiced Immersive Scene

Scenes (LITE) The Fuck Awakens: Episode 2: Professionally Voiced Immersive Scene 0.91F

bugfix for var format; long awaited.
fa 0.9 changelog

new positions for both versions: Alt HJ is a less intimate HJ where she is lazily jerking you and letting you admire her body, switch between both for some variety
AUTO-PLAY: She now starts talking right away, even before you select an activity (starts with HJ)
New Scripting/AI Options available to enhance her customization/realism:
new flag: doggy only dialogue (you have to select this manually but i will auto toggle it in the future)
new personality: already lovers- if you don't want her babbling about oh we shouldn't and instead be more horny and dirty this is the option for you. ensure this box is checked in her personality profile. About 30 NEW CLIPS just for this scenario alone.
Additional ride-only and handjob only audio (tons of new audio, mostly under the optional 'already lovers' personality type (open the plugin to turn this checkbox on)
handjob motion updated to tug a lot harder and more realistic, pose updated to have her jerking you right near her uh... happy place
doggy position tweaked for much more satisfying slaps
updated vh34 script with more robust support for stories (sequenced one-off events that are coming soon!)
DOUBLE THE LIGHTING OPTIONS! detail lighting toggle for all positions improves lighting from multiple angles. (for people with lower-end machines, please turn off the ATOM/delete the 2nd pixel light for more performance)
crackling fire asset instead of fake fire light looks GREAT
advanced plugin bj now has an on and an off toggle and is more reliable and easier to use
AUTOMATIC EYE-CONTACT ADJUSTMENT: when doing blowjob, her iris geometry looks up at you automatically and on load all other positions it gets reset for better eye contact (this MAY cause issues if your IRISes are at weird heights, feel free to disable if this causes you issues, it's in the button triggers.)
fa 0.89f changelog:

including penis grasp morph for more realistic handjob action, automatically grasps you even tighter during the relevant activities, relaxes automatically during other activities
more expressive during sex via new additonal plugin, she is much more expressive with her mouth and brows with some randomization. this will get more passes.
new addonpackages required....included some more cute .var hair options for you (but again, character appearance is up to you) (credit to Roac)
chair position lighting was not actually working (whoops!) added a light just for that.
new ALTERNATE ride position
fixed broken button in lite version
fixed a bug with the intensity slider starting at the wrong value
I've written a maintenance export script to purge all temporary/experimental audio references when i package up the project, so you should no longer see many false positive errors loading audio that isn't ready yet or for other projects. I know that bothers some people, plus it slows loading down.
new audio has been added for both versions (about 10 files, some new hot stuff, primarily for 'hand' activities)
fa 0.87 changelog

code cleanup related to file loading / fewer crazy logs
updated the Blowjob (ahem....Head-based activity) to (optionally) use a plugin instead of cycleforce motion, for a more realistic experience with sound effects and more movement variety.
(you can use either the simple mode or the advanced mode via a new toggle) It's a little experimental as it has to work with the instant scene change but usually works.
UI is easier to use and closer - to increase immersion the entire thing is hideable now
new audio! for both versions <minor additions>

added some short looping animations that spice up the 'Leg Up' scenario.

  • adding some experimental code to support future stuff: namely for a future 'two girl' scenario with a character I've teased here.
  • cleaned up logs
  • fixed hand clipping issue in hand position, looks a lot nicer now.
  • LITE version has some additional audio
New Fast sex mode applies randomized sex acts to 5 different positions with one click. (varies but overall quite fast and hard)
Minor in-game update to point to another patreon resource to download compatible looks/clothes
unnecessary pixel light changed to improve FPS on lower performance machines
For those afraid of overwrites/collisions, I deleted the emotionengine source/ presets to avoid overwrites, as well as some outdated scripts/dlls. if you start from scratch you're less likely to have conflicts. and the filesize is smaller.
lite only: minor additional voice content for HJ
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