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Main A - Kiriko.png

Let me balance you out.

Package includes:
  • Full Morph
  • Textures
  • Clothing (Multiple variants)
  • Hair

- Winner of the #43 patron's choice poll -
Patrons can nominate models for me to port. Community votes and then the winner gets ported!

Poll 42 Prelims Results.pngPoll 43 Finals Results.png
After a super strong showing in the prelims, Kiriko carried that momentum in the finals to take the win with a convicing score over Anthro 808 and Pacifica.

Collage - Kiriko.png

There were a few unexpected challenges with this one. The hair in particular was a bit difficult to work with - I may go back and update it later on as well as have a look at some additional outfits!

The model includes the outfit shown in the above screenshot as well as a variant for the top (pullup). The model's hair is CUA with physics applied to the ponytail so that it moves about nicely in motion.

Commission Info C2.png

Thanks to kementate for their always useful morphs.
Overwatch OniEkohvius
For easy loading of hair asset into other scenes.
To properly lock CUA to model and eliminate lagging while in animation.
CUA Plugin Guide.png
  • Main A2 - Kiriko.png
    Main A2 - Kiriko.png
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First release
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Latest updates

  1. Update 1.1 - Model now available to all. Resource updated with hub-hosted .var.

    Update 1.1 - Model now available to all. Resource updated with hub-hosted .var.
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