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JointCorrect is my amateurish corrective morph system for G2F figures
in Virtamate 1.20 and later. I have no prior experience with JCM
systems and only a fleeting understanding of anatomy. In my
experience it usually produces better results than the default
system. However it is not perfect and some poses which may have looked
good with only the native system may look worse with JointCorrect.

JointCorrect is a work in progress. Constructive criticism is welcome.


Add JointCorrect.cs to a Person atom. Turn off all "Auto Behaviours"
morph checkboxes except for Eyelid and Breasts.

Plugin will zero all corrective morphs when disabled. Enabling and
disabling the plugin will let you test whether your character/pose is
better with it or without it.


JointCorrect currently uses about 60 different morphs. These morphs
follow a naming convention.

Side is one of L (left), R (right), T (trunk/center), C (combined)
Bone refers to the DAZ native name of the bone under consideration.
Rotation describes the DAZ-centric rotation of Bone for activation.
Variant is an optional extension that describes a variant morph.


Variants are a way to customize or extend the morphs applied to the
character. There are two default variants. One for the base G2F JCMs and
one for genital JCMs. Variants can be selectively enabled and disabled
using their checkboxes in the JointCorrect UI.

Note that some morphs are cummulative. e.g. elbow bends have
independent 100 and 130 degree morphs. The 130 degree morph only
applies correctly while the 100 degree morph is fully applied.


A '#define' in JointCorrect.cs can be enabled which will add debugging
output and a 'Lock' checkbox to the plugin UI. The 'Lock' will stop
updating morphs so that they can be manually adjusted. This helps
determine which morph, if any, is causing which change.


Experiment with "AutoBehaviours/Leg Bend Fix Morphs". Sometimes a
better result can be obtained for a character or set of poses with it

The base body morphs are located in the 'female' folder. I have only
tested them with female characters. They might work with males. I have
little interest in staring at wangs so don't have the patience to test


lol. There is no spoon.
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Latest reviews

Just an essential - makes a massive difference to poses. Plus it's free! Thank you!
Just gotta say this has to be one of if not my favourite plugin. Best thing before 2.0. Ty for all your hard work :)
Thank you so much!
Essential! I use this on every scene, for both static poses and animations. It's almost always an improvement, and sometimes saves an entire scene. Thanks, FD!
I'm glad to hear it!
If you combine many many morphs to get the "perfect" look like me, you will sooner or later destroy the fragile harmony between all the bones and joints, the skinning, waighting and maybe the colliders. You will see for instance ugly bending limbs or hips as a result. This plugin sometimes may save you! This is a piece of work that shows exceptional insight in all the hidden mechanisms playing together. Completely bejond my horizon of knowledge.
Ironically the more morphs that move vertices near the joints the worse the outcome with JointCorrect. But thank you for the endorsement!
Thank you mush for sharing
Love it! Nice work.
Thank you!
Awesome Plugin! another on the 'must have' list
WOW! I threw this on some of my mocaps and toggled it on and off as it played. I could really see an improvement with it on.. great work!
Thank you!
Essential! Definitely added to my plugin preset.
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