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It's a Yard Work Life

Scenes It's a Yard Work Life 1.2

For the version where you can change the characters names click here!

Who will seduce who?

This is the biggest scene I have created yet and quite frankly, the video doesn't even cover half of whats in this release. Apart from a milf-focused story 'It's a Yard Work Life' has mini-games, music and of course lot's of sex positions; and some of those have a feature I haven't done in any scene before ;)

Huge thanks to DasBoot who I asked (a long while ago tbh) if I could use his Sarah look. Definitely check that look out too. While the Milf in Yard Work is quite different from the original, his original is imo one of the best/realistic looking models on the Hub!

Credits (Non-VaM):
Old Reel Lawn Mower by vncr (https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/old-reel-lawn-mower-c21be071cbe44b96abf7046507305c97)
Wooden Tray by Aullwen (https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/wooden-tray-28c97506d4fd475ab017c102b670ba12)
Lemonade Summer Set Low Poly by gabstock (https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/lemonade-summer-set-low-poly-edeb4fef09454706a669282aa2c06a10)

Too Much Funk by Steve Oaks
Rage Quit by David Fesliyan (Faster Version)
News Countdown by Steven Oxen (Loop1)

Credits (VaM):
kemenate - Male Beard, Female Body Hair
ddaamm - male model hair
Roac - Tomboy

HuntingSuccubus - Eyeball Shadow
Rockseeker - samdidas slippers
Hexenv88 - Paradise Cove
OrangeGumi - T-Rings Collection
BooMoon - FlipFlops
huaQ - HDR 104
WeebU - cum cloth
crimeless - wet penis

AcidBubbles - SpawnPoint, ColliderEditor, Timeline, Embody
MacGruber - PostMagic
NoStage3 - Unity Asset Vamifier
hazmhox - vamcui, vamoverlays, vammoan
Blazedust - ParentHoldLink
ToumeiHitsuji - DiviningRod
dub - AudioMate

Pool Garden - Skybox
hazmhox - rocksandplants, fluids
OrangeGumi - pp TissueSet, Condom Assets
KAFAROS - Latex Condoms

Jackaroo - JarModularExpressions

MonsterShinkai - FemaleGenitalTextures
WeebU - Penis normal maps ZERO FU
kemenate - Decals

DasBoot - Sara (curvy)
PetaZwega - Matthew

Support me on Patreon (I beg you)

First release
Last update
4.98 star(s) 66 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Meta file fix

    Fixed a faulty Dependency description in the meta file which lead to the Resource not showing up...
  2. Choose your own Name Update

    TL;DR: You can now change the characters names for the story A big thank you to forum user...
  3. Bikini Clothes & Loading Time Update

    Finally featuring the missing bikini clothes, big thanks to scsi and Juno for figuring out why...

Latest reviews

Amazing thkx U
Upvote 0
Fun scene, and she's so beautiful!
Upvote 0
he knows what a man wants
Upvote 0
Upvote 0
I liked the scene, I put 5 stars, but there is a problem, I download the full version, after I work on the lawn mower there is no further transition, the picture is gray and nothing happens.
Upvote 0
Amazing scene. Stories are always great and attention to detail is mind blowing.
Upvote 0
This is what I was hoping to get out of Virt-a-mate. 10/10!
Upvote 0
Amazing! Is there a way to change the female's inverted nipples?
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It's really good, the story was fun and the characters were good lookin'.
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This is frikkin' insane PetaZwega.
This is the kind of content I want to see more on the hub.

From a technical standpoint, it's absolutely monstrous, and you deliver an insane experience for both VR AND Desktop. And I know how hard it is to do that.

Keep up the awesome and creative scenes coming! I love it.
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